What happened between Benjamin Bratt and Julia Roberts?

What happened between Benjamin Bratt and Julia Roberts?

The Breakup: In June 2001, after nearly 4 years together, Bratt’s publicist confirmed that he and Roberts were “no longer together.” Rumors of an ensuing split circled nearly a year prior, with New York Magazine reporting, “At this point, they haven’t seen each other in months.

Was Benjamin Bratt married to Julia Roberts?

In 1998, Bratt began dating actress Julia Roberts. In 2001, they said that they were no longer a couple. In 2002, he began dating actress Talisa Soto; they married on April 13 in San Francisco.

What ethnicity is Benjamin Bratt?

Benjamin Bratt, 56, actor, producer Known for his recurring role on TV’s Law and Order and supporting roles in Miss Congeniality and Traffic, Benjamin Bratt is the son of the former Eldy Banda, a Native American activist. Banda, born in Peru of Quechuan ethnicity, moved to San Francisco as a teen.

Who is Benjamin Bratt’s wife?

Talisa Sotom. 2002
Benjamin Bratt/Wife

Why did Benjamin Bratt leave SVU?

Bratt says he would like to reappear occasionally on ”L &O.” His stated reason for leaving is that he wants to ”spend more time with his family,” which is odd since he’s not married and doesn’t have any children.

Why did Benjamin Bratt leave star?

Another reason was deeply personal. I’m the father of two children, one of whom [has] special needs. I was commuting every weekend [from Star’s Atlanta set] to my home [in New England], and it was a grind. The schedule we were on with Star didn’t allow me to succeed in focusing on……

Does Benjamin Bratt sing in Coco?

So, should you wonder while watching Coco: Yes, that really is Benjamin Bratt singing. Although, Bratt adds with a laugh, “I’m sure they put their own special sauce on it because I don’t think I sound that good in real life!”

What is Benjamin Bratt doing nowadays?

He’s also kept busy with television projects including The Andromeda Strain, with recurring roles in Private Practice and Modern Family. He’s really found his footing as a voice talent for family-friendly movies, including the Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs movies, the Despicable Me franchise, Justice League.