What is the best sniper in planetside 2?

What is the best sniper in planetside 2?

But, if you get used to it, RailJack shall become a great sniper rifle that is considered by many to be the most effective, for an actual sniper rifle. Excels in: Slightly increased damage and range compared to Tier 2 bolt action rifles. Highest muzzle velocity in the game.

Is the Archer good Planetside 2?

The Archer is far from “the worst weapon”. It’s an anti-everything support gun. And even then it still outperforms other weapons in terms of taking out MAXs and Valkyries. Also works better than small arms to get a Harasser to retreat/die.

What are the factions in Planetside 2?


  • Terran Republic (TR)
  • New Conglomerate (NC)
  • Vanu Sovereignty (VS)
  • Character progression.
  • Server Shutdown.

What is the best faction Planetside 2?

If you like weapons that are extremely comfortable to keep firing and firing for a long time, hosing people down with relentless amounts of damage and huge magazine sizes, controlling an area by locking it down with a killzone of gunfire: Pick Terran Republic.

What faction has the best weapons Planetside 2?

CARBINES. Terran Republic — 36.2%

  • ASSAULT RIFLES. Terran Republic — 62.1%
  • LMGs. Terran Republic — 16.5%
  • SMGs. Terran Republic — 15.9%
  • SIDEARMS. Terran Republic — 58.6%
  • EMPIRE SPECIFIC BATTLE RIFLE. Terran Republic — 10.1%
  • EMPIRE SPECIFIC SNIPER RIFLE. Terran Republic — 20.2%
  • HEAVY GUN. Terran Republic — 25%
  • What happened Planetside 1?

    The game was officially launched as free to play on April 29, 2014, after several delays. On July 1, 2016, at 4:00pm PT, Planetside servers went offline permanently.

    What is the best faction to join in Planetside 2?

    What are the best guns in Planetside 2?

    Every single weapon shown in the list is good enough if used appropriately.

    • [Top 10]: NS-R3 Swarm (All factions)
    • [Top 6]: TX1 Repeater (Terran Republic)
    • [Top 5] Parallax VX3 (Vanu Sovereignty)
    • [Top 4]: GR-22 (New Conglomerate)
    • [Top 3] AF-4 Cyclone (New Conglomerate)
    • [Top 2] LC2 Lynx (Terran Republic)

    Is PlanetSide 1 dead?

    On July 1, over 13 years after launching, PlanetSide closed its servers forever. Its developer, Daybreak Games, stated that this was “due to evolving business needs and technical requirements,” but that’s little solace to the players who loved and invested hundreds of hours into it.

    Does PlanetSide 2 still have players?

    Planetside 2 has been chugging along since 2012, though, and its playerbase has declined since its most popular years.

    Which faction wins the most in Planetside 2?

    TR (prime alerts): Out of the best they can do, Cobalt TR is leading the faction with a 31% win rate.