History Essay Topics

Being granted the liberty of choosing your own history essay subject may seem like a splendid idea at first. However, as you begin your search, you might find this to be quite puzzling. It goes without saying that choosing a subject to write a history essay about is a fairly simple task in itself. Nevertheless, if you wish to receive a good grade, you’ll need to opt for a flawless history essay topic! This is where we come in. We’ve numbered some of the best history essay subjects you could ever hope to find, and we’ve classified them based on the time periods they refer to. In our opinion, each and every one of these topics is a splendid choice for your history essay!

Feel free to choose a topic and write a history essay from scratch all by yourself. However, in case you encounter difficulties and you feel like you require a sample paper, don’t hesitate to ask for our help! Just contact our support team, tell us how your essay needs to look like and / or submit an order. If you want to write the essay yourself, we believe it would be wise to choose a universal subject or issue. Afterwards, the ultimate thing to do is to narrow the topic down according to the guidelines provided by your professor. The subjects listed on this page are somewhat universal and may not work so great if you want to come up with a flawless history essay. As such, we think it would be a good idea to shape the subject in accordance to your necessities. If you’re not sure what you should do here, you can always hire our writers to help you out by placing an order for a sample essay.

Now take a look at our list of history essay topics for each significant historical era.

Ancient Egypt

  1. Present the political structure of ancient Egypt
  2. Describe the social habits of ancient Egyptians
  3. Discuss the structure of labor in ancient Egypt
  4. Present the evolution of ancient Egypt
  5. How the Americans discovered ancient Egypt
  6. Deities and spirituality in ancient Egypt
  7. The buildings and architectural style of the Egyptians
  8. Geographical and agricultural aspects regarding ancient Egypt

Ancient Greece

  1. The cultural and artistic aspects of the ancient Greek society
  2. Ancient Athenian myths
  3. Famous ancient Greek scholars
  4. Ancient Greek housing and architecture
  5. Ancient Greek mythology and legends
  6. The Pantheon and the spiritual side of ancient Greece
  7. Agricultural aspects regarding ancient Greece
  8. The historical evolution of the Acropolis

Ancient Rome

  1. How Rome was established and how it evolved
  2. The expansion of the Roman Empire and the influence they exerted on other ancient civilizations
  3. Crucial historical events that led to the collapse of the Roman Empire
  4. The attributions of the Roman emperor Julius Caesar regarding life in the Empire
  5. The military forces of the Roman Empire
  6. The Governmental organization of Ancient Rome
  7. Spiritualities and deities of Ancient Rome

The Dark Ages

  1. The Dark Ages as a period of progress
  2. Existence and mortality in the Dark Ages
  3. Knighthood in the Dark Ages
  4. Comparison between the Dark Ages and the Age of Enlightenment
  5. The holy wars that took place in the Dark Ages: motivations and outcomes
  6. Creative writing in the Dark Ages
  7. Religion in the Dark Ages and the Inquisition
  8. Financial resources in the Dark Ages

The History of the United States of America

  1. The Atlantic territories before the arrival of the settlers
  2. The colonial times
  3. Discuss the way in which the European settlers and the Native Americans interacted with one another
  4. How Puritanism influenced American ethics
  5. The factors and outcomes of the American Revolutionary War
  6. George Washington’s role and actions in the War of Independence
  7. The British people throughout the era of colonialism
  8. The time of the Great Depression
  9. The US’ involvement in the Second World War
  10. The Vietnam War

The history of South America

  1. The times before the colonization
  2. The Aztec and Mayan civilizations
  3. South America throughout the colonial times (1521-1810)
  4. Notable South American Settlements
  5. How Guatemala was colonized
  6. The autonomy of South American countries: Mexico, Haiti, Brazil
  7. The war between the United States and Mexico
  8. How slavery was abolished
  9. The 1989 American occupation

We hope that the historical subjects we’ve listed out here will prove useful to you when you start writing your history essay. Of course, we cannot possibly offer you a complete list of subjects, seeing as there are too many historical events to choose from. We’ve tried to come up with some universal topics that can be approached in a history essay. We hope you like our ideas! In case you cannot find your subject here, feel free to have a talk with our staff and place an order for a customized history essay on your particular subject. Our essay writers will make sure to devise a flawless history essay that complies with each and every one of your requirements! Your trust in us will be an honor!