How To Write 1000-Word Essay

Writing is one of the vital parts of our lives, especially when you use different applications (such as messengers and emails) to communicate on a daily basis. That is why sometimes it may seem that writing a 1000-word essay or a longer academic work is very easy. Plus, you may overestimate your ability to write an essay on a particular topic. At first, you do not always consider the amount of time you need to spend on research and even analysis; or, at least, think about the structure of the essay. However, you do want the essay to be compelling and worth reading. Of course, you should provide arguments to support your ideas and draw reader’s attention to the main point analyzed in the paper. Therefore, an essay should be well organized and logically linked.

In order to write a 1000-word essay, you do not need to be a professional analyst or have extreme time-organizing skills. Even so, you do need to remember that writing an essay cannot be such an easy task as it seems at first. It is time- and energy- consuming process. For this reason, we have prepared several tips on how to make your writing process more systematic.

Time Management

In the first place, you need to organize your time. As it has been already mentioned, writing a 1000-word essay takes a lot of time and effort. Sometimes, writing an academic work can take days. As a matter of fact, students usually ignore this fact and try to accomplish the task in the last few hours before the deadline. As a consequence, the results are not appealing at all. Of course, you can ask somebody else to help you, or you may pay for it, or you can just pull yourself together and manage your time properly.

Do not underestimate short essays

Secondly, it is better to start working on the essay as soon as possible. You should remember that the key to writing an impressive 1000-word essay is putting the same priority on it as on any other longer paper (e.g., coursework). These are main steps to consider:

  • Do research on specific topic;
  • Collect facts and arguments;
  • Analyze and define main points.

Revise and edit

Do not forget to proofread (and maybe even edit) your first draft. Highlight the ideas, cross out the unnecessary lines, check the grammar and punctuation, make notes. Sooner or later, you will get a complete version of the paper.

On this stage, one of the greatest tips is not to overthink what you are writing. When you start working on the essay, you will have a lot of ideas and thoughts to depict, but you might get confused when you start putting them into writing. In this case, the best advice is not to focus on the size limits, but on the points mentioned. The more ideas you take down, the easier it will be for you to distinguish the most important ones. On finishing the first draft, carefully look through and revise your paper, mark the important parts and rewrite your essay.

Although you can express your thoughts in any manner you like, you should remember that every sentence must be clear enough to understand. Since it is school work, sentences should be short, meaningful and appropriate. In one sentence you may express the whole idea of the paragraph, and afterward, support it with the vivid examples. Also, it is better to use a semi-formal style of writing. For instance, try to avoid filling words, such as ‘well’ and ‘basically,’ and use linking words (‘firstly,’ ‘although’) instead.

Shape and structure your work

Next, you need to ‘shape’ your work. As well as any academic work, a 1000-word essay must have its own structure. Do not forget about the introduction (100-300 words), main body (500-750 words) and conclusion (50-250 words). You can divide each part into several paragraphs, yet it is worth knowing that each paragraph should be precise and should focus on one point at a time. To make your work amazing, try to make introduction catchy and intriguing; provide as many details and arguments as possible in the main body, and sum up all the ideas in conclusion.

Now you know that writing a 1000-word essay can be a challenging, yet manageable task. All you need for successful work is to keep the process simple and organized. Beforehand, it is better to take a look at the topic and set up the plan. It is important to check how much time you need to spend on research and analysis. Later on, write down all your thoughts and arrange main ideas; revise everything and rewrite it. Do not forget about the final step and shape it all together.

Taking everything into account, a 1000-word essay is not a last-minute task to do. Being able to cut out time for thinking and writing is one of the most important things in any kind of work. If you do want your essay to be truly amazing, make sure you put enough effort into it. Remember that hard work always pays off.