What is a Silkie bantam chicken?

What is a Silkie bantam chicken?

Of all the ornamental chicken breeds, the Silkie Bantam is one of the most popular and beloved, and certainly one of the most entertaining to watch. Silkies originated in the Far East, where they are still kept (and eaten) today. They have black skin and bones and 5 toes instead of the normal 4.

Are Silkie chickens good for kids?

If you’re looking for a friendly, chatty, sweet-natured breed as a first chicken for your children or a companion for yourself, you may just have found your ideal. Silkie chickens are exactly as they look – funny, cuddly and very kind.

What is unusual about the Silkie bantam chicken?

Silkie chickens are known for their characteristically fluffy plumage said to feel silk- or satin-like to the touch. They are also unusual in the sense that they have black skin, blue earlobes, extra toes and an inability to fly.

What is the Silkie chicken known for?

Known for its beautiful plumage and sweet personality, the Silkie chicken is one of the most popular ornamental chicken breeds today. Silkies have an incredibly friendly, pet-like personality, which, combined with their unusual appearance, adds to their appeal.

Do silkies need special care?

Do Silkies need special care? Yes a little special care is required for Silkie chickens. The feathers wet easily and the birds can become chilled if this happens. The extra toes and feather feet can sometimes be an issue.

Do Silkies need special care?

Do silkies like to cuddle?

Silkie chickens are famous for their docile, sweet and nurturing temperament. Silkies don’t mind getting up close and personal with their human friends, in fact, they quite like being cuddled, kissed and groomed, making them eggcellent pets for young children.

Are silkies talkative?

Silkie chickens, while not particularly loud, are more talkative than your average chicken. Their chatty nature is one of the many things that makes them so endearing.