What happens in Chapter 3 of the pearl?

What happens in Chapter 3 of the pearl?

In Chapter 3 of John Steinbeck’s The Pearl, the people of Kino’s village find out about the pearl even before he makes it back to his house. He looks into the pearl like a crystal ball and sees a vision of himself and Juana in the church, dressed in fancy clothes, finally getting officially married.

How long is the pearl audiobook?

2 hours and 35 minutes
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Listening Length 2 hours and 35 minutes
Publisher Penguin Audio
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Version Unabridged
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What does Juana say about the pearl in Chapter 3?

As Juana nurses his injury, she declares that the pearl is a sin, that it’s evil, and that it will destroy them if they don’t throw it back into the ocean. Kino, who is busy oscillating between fear and rage, doesn’t listen. The next morning, Kino digs up the pearl and stares at its beauty while listening to its song.

How big was the pearl Kino found?

The pearl Kino finds is described as being significantly large: “It was as large as a sea-gull’s egg.

Why can’t Kino sell the pearl?

Kino did not sell his pearl for fifteen hundred pesos because, as an experienced pearl diver, he knew that his pearl was worth much more. The pearl merchants, however, are working for one main buyer who pays them a salary rather than a portion of the profit.

Is the pearl on audible?

The Pearl by John Steinbeck | Audiobook | Audible.com.

What happens in chapter 4 of the Pearl?

Juan Tomás tells Kino that another system of pearl-selling used to exist before Kino was born. Pearlers would give their pearls to agents for sale in the capital, but as a result of the rampant corruption of pearl agents who stole the pearls meant for sale, the old system is no longer in place.

Who walks with Kino to sell the pearl?

As Kino and Juana set out from their brush house, the neighbors fall in line behind them. Juan Tomás walks at the front with Kino and expresses his concern that Kino may be cheated, as Kino has no standard of true comparison to know what his pearl is worth.

What race is Kino in the pearl?

Native American
A strong, young Native American, Kino is The Pearl’s protagonist and the head of its central family. He lives with his wife, Juana, and their son, Coyotito, in a brush house near the Gulf Sea.

What mistake does Kino make after he finds the pearl?

He ends up discovering that they are all determined to undermine and cheat him. Kino’s greatest mistake is dismissing Juana’s suggestion to get rid of the pearl. Juana is an insightful woman who realizes that the pearl has completely consumed Kino and is destroying their family.

Should Kino sell the pearl?