What is bonding primer used for?

What is bonding primer used for?

When you’ve got a challenging surface—whether it’s a slick substrate or a compromised one—a bonding or adhesive primer is the go-to product of choice. Highly engineered, it’s a coating that promotes adhesion to the surface or existing coating as well as the new coat that you want to apply.

Can you stain over bonding primer?

Bonding primer is not designed to COVER and the stained surface will show through. Typically you only need one coat, but you can apply two if needed. It will look blotchy and rough, but it’s doing its job locking in the stain and creating a rough surface so the paint will adhere to it.

Does bonding primer need two coats?

A: Although paint might initially stick to an unprimed wall, you risk blotchy, cracking, peeling results if you pass on primer. Generally, one to two coats of primer will suffice for painting interior walls, but how many you’ll need depends on the wall material, the paint color, and the type of primer used.

Do I need to sand if I use bonding primer?

Since this product can stick to glossy surfaces, it is not absolutely necessary to sand them. However, if you are able, sanding will always help a bonding coat adhere better. Cover nail holes with wood putty and caulk all cracks and joints.

What is a good bonding primer?


  • KILZ L211101 Adhesion High-Bonding Interior Latex Primer and Sealer – Best Premium Option.
  • Zinsser Bulls Eye 1-2-3 Water-Based Interior and Exterior Primer – Best Overall Option.
  • KILZ Original Multi-Surface Stain Blocking Interior Oil-Based Primer and Sealer – Best Stainblocking Primer.

Do you need to sand before bonding primer?

Can you mix bonding primer with paint?

No, you can’t. To achieve these, you need to mix close to a lighter paint with the primer. Alternatively, for a dark color, you will require two or more tinted primer coats depending on the final outer color.

Is it OK if primer is patchy?

The primer coat doesn’t have to be perfect, but it should cover the surface (no bare spots) and it shouldn’t be so blotchy that you get drips or visible unevenness.

Do you need to sand if using bonding primer?

Can I use bonding primer on cabinets?

INSL-X STIX Waterborne Bonding Primer INSL-X STIX Waterborne Bonding Primer is a great option for laminate cabinets. This primer is designed to bond to hard-to-coat surfaces to ensure application is easy and that you get a beautiful finish. It works on a variety of other surfaces and dries in 30 minutes.