Who is Banki Moon?

Who is Banki Moon?

Ban Ki-moon (Korean: 반기문; Hanja: 潘基文; Korean pronunciation: [ban.ɡi.mun]; born 13 June 1944) is a South Korean politician and diplomat who served as the eighth Secretary-General of the United Nations from January 2007 to December 2016. …

Where is Banki Moon from?

Ban Ki-moon/Place of birth

Who is Mr Antonio Guterres?

António Manuel de Oliveira Guterres GCC GCL (/ɡʊˈtɛrəs/; European Portuguese: [ɐ̃ˈtɔnju ɡuˈtɛʁɨʃ]; born 30 April 1949) is a Portuguese politician serving since 2017 as the ninth Secretary-General of the United Nations. Guterres served as president of the Socialist International from 1999 to 2005.

Who is secretary-general list?

The list of Secretaries-General, with the date of their term in office, is:

  • Trygve Lie, from Norway, 1946-1952.
  • Dag Hammarskjöld, from Sweden, 1953-1961.
  • U Thant, from Burma (now Myanmar), 1961-1971.
  • Kurt Waldheim, from Austria, 1972-1981.
  • Javier Perez de Cuellar, from Peru, 1982-1991.

Did Ban Ki-Moon Do Mun?

Former Secretary-General of the United Nations Ban Ki-moon began his United Nations career as a High School MUN conference delegate. Speaking to a global MUN conference, Ki-moon told the students: “I participated in UN-style debate when I was a college student.

Who is General Mr Ban Ki-Moon?

Ban Ki-Moon, (born June 13, 1944, Ŭmsŏng, Japanese-occupied Korea [now in South Korea]), South Korean diplomat and politician, who served as the eighth secretary-general (2007–16) of the United Nations (UN). At age 18 Ban won a competition that took him to the White House to meet U.S. Pres.

What was the last country to join the UN?

The most recent state to join is South Sudan, which was recognized as an independent nation in 2011….List of Member States.

Country Joined UN 1
Ukraine 1945
United Arab Emirates 1971
United Kingdom 1945
United States 1945

What nationality was Trygve Lie?

Trygve Lie/Nationality

Trygve Halvdan Lie was born on 16 July 1896, in Oslo, Norway, the son of Martin and Hulda Arnesen Lie. He was educated at Oslo University where he obtained a law degree in 1919.

What did Ban Ki-Moon say was his biggest concern?

Ban Ki-moon: The issue of climate change was one of the top priorities together with what at that time were the Millennium Development Goals now the Sustainable Development Goals and gender empowerment.