What is DEM certification?

What is DEM certification?

A DEM Pure Certificate redefines what the Cannabis industry sees as pure, clean medicine. This commitment is sought after and given to gardeners that are already on the path of ecological regeneration, growing of high quality healthy medicine and food and education to the next generation of healthy cannabis growers.

Where is Dragonfly Earth Medicine located?

| Based in the Santa Cruz mountains, Owens utilizes native California soil, flora & fauna in a regenerative ‘Wildcrafted’ practice. A cultivation approach that helps build biodynamic soils, aids plants natural defense mechanisms and greatly increases the medicinal qualities of Cannabis with award winning results.

How do you use Dragonfly earth medicine?

Add to tea/brew blend every 2 weeks throughout plant’s life cycle( New and Full Moon are best). Blend in with tea brew after brew is finished, agitate and let set 2 hours before drenching. Use as a dry amendment directly in your soil mixture and/or dust stems of clones and new roots before putting into cloner or soil.

What is Sun and Earth certification?

Sun+Earth Certified is a third-party cannabis certification incorporating regenerative agriculture practices where plants are grown under the sun, in the soil, without chemicals by fairly-paid farmers. Farmer and the Felon is proud to support and source from Sun+Earth certified cultivators.

How do you use dem fat flowers?

DEM Fat Flowers Application: Use Fat Flowers tea along with the Radiant Green tea for 3 consecutive feedings BEFORE start of fruiting/flowering cycle. Feed Fat Flowers tea every feeding throughout flowering/fruiting cycle. This supplement can be used as-is in conjunction with a Dewey Mister.

What is DEM tea?

A Complete Organic Herbal and Bacteria Supplement that supports Ultimate Immune Health for your gardens. Dragonfly Earth Medicine (DEM) recommend this organic herbal and bacteria Supplement as an ideal base nutrient that can be used as a compost tea brewed, soil amendment.

What is certified kind?

The Certified Kind program allows growers of legal cannabis to obtain alternative third-party verification that their crops are grown to the Certified Kind standard which is the industry’s only true equivalent program to USDA Organic certification.