Where should I play golf in Palm Springs?

Where should I play golf in Palm Springs?

Best golf courses in Palm Springs

  1. La Quinta Resort & Club at PGA WEST.
  2. The Westin Mission Hills Golf Resort & Spa.
  3. Indian Wells Golf Resort.
  4. Classic Club.
  5. Tahquitz Creek Golf Resort.
  6. The Golf Club at Terra Lago.
  7. Indian Canyons Golf Resort.
  8. SilverRock Golf Resort.

How many golf courses are in Palm Springs?

PUTTING GREENS With over 100 renowned golf courses and more than 300 days of sunshine each year, Greater Palm Springs earns its reputation as a top destination for golf.

What is the oldest golf course in Palm Springs?

O’Donnell Golf Club
The El Mirador purportedly had the first course, with the O’Donnell Golf Club being second. It’s now the oldest golf course in the Coachella Valley. Wealthy oilman Thomas O’Donnell was an avid golfer and in the early 1920s he created a course at the base of San Jacinto as his front yard.

Which PGA WEST course is the easiest?

Jack Nicklaus Course
A list of all 49 courses used by the PGA Tour in 2018-19 – compiled from ShotLink data and released by GolfWeek – shows that two easiest courses played on tour last season were La Quinta Country Club and the Jack Nicklaus Course at PGA West. Both of which are part of the three-course rotation of the desert’s PGA event.

How many private golf courses are in Palm Springs?

Palm Springs, California Golf Courses There are 9 golf courses in Palm Springs, California and 2 are municipal courses. There are also another 91 golf courses within 20 miles of Palm Springs, including 37 public, 4 municipal and 49 private courses.

Is there a Topgolf in Palm Springs?

The Greater Palm Springs area could use a number of things – better public transit, politicians who don’t suck, non-snowbird shopping hours at Costco, to name a few – but, for a community that is so much about golf, it is absolutely mind boggling that there is not a Topgolf facility anywhere in the Coachella Valley.

How many golf courses are in the Coachella Valley?

The part of the Coachella Valley often referred to as the Palm Springs area, east of Los Angeles, is carpeted in green, 124 irrigated golf courses, many with lakes, in an otherwise parched landscape.