What is a Plimsoll report?

What is a Plimsoll report?

In the UK, Plimsoll sells over 1,600 industry specific reports that analyse individual company performance alongside key industry trends and developments. This powerful chart gives an immediate evaluation of a company’s overall financial performance and shows whether it has declined or improved over the last year.

Is Plimsoll Analysis any good?

Plimsoll have a marvellous ability to gather relevant financial data on companies and present it in a clear, helpful way. The report has been received, your quick turnaround on this is impressive; the analysis is accurate and relevant for our business.

Why is the Plimsoll line important?

Plimsoll mark on the hull of a floating ship. The Plimsoll line is a reference mark located on a ship’s hull that indicates the maximum depth to which the vessel may be safely immersed when loaded with cargo.

What means Plimsoll?

(plĭm′səl, -sôl′) also plim·sol or plim·sole (-sōl′) n. Chiefly British. A rubber-soled cloth shoe; a sneaker. [Probably from the resemblance of its mudguard to a Plimsoll mark.]

Why is it called the Plimsoll line?

The Merchant Shipping Act of 1876 made load lines compulsory, but it wasn’t until 1894 that the position of the line was fixed by law. In 1906, foreign ships were also required to carry a load line if they visited British ports. Since then, the line has been known in Britain as the Plimsoll Line.

What is another name for a Plimsoll?

Plimsolls are referred to as: Australia – sandshoe, sneakers or runners, and include the similar shoe, the Dunlop Volley. Canada – also called running shoes, or runners. India – white plimsolls are often worn by school children and are known as Keds dating from the 1970s and earlier, and more commonly, as “canvas shoes …

How load line is calculated?

A vessel’s load line length is measured on a particular waterline, determined by its molded hull depth (the vertical dimension from the top of the keel to the underside of the freeboard deck at the vessel’s side).

Why does the Plimsoll line change from ship?

The density of sea water can vary due to the level of salt in the water and the surrounding temperature. This is why Plimsoll lines are at different levels on different ships, and also why they are made up of so many different lines indicating different types of water.

Are plimsolls bad for your feet?

Not detrimental for short periods like a P.E. lesson or exercising, but extremely unwise for longer periods. 3) The soles of plimsolls are not as strong as that of normal shoes. Sharp objects can potentially penetrate the sole, puncturing the foot which could lead to a serious infection.

What are the types of load line?

There are two types of Load line markings:-

  • Deck Line – It is a horizontal line measuring 300mm by 25mm.
  • Load Line Disc – It is a 300mm diameter and 25mm thick round shaped disc.