Who is Aimee interrupter married to?

Who is Aimee interrupter married to?

He is currently the guitarist for the ska punk band The Interrupters….

Kevin Bivona
Spouse(s) Aimee Allen
Musical career
Genres Punk rock, ska punk, street punk, hardcore punk, reggae, ska, 2-tone, country music, rapcore, hip hop

How old is Aimee Allen?

About 39 years (1982)
Aimee Allen/Age

Are the Interrupters related?

The Los Angeles, CA based ska-punk band consists of brothers Kevin, Justin & Jesse Bivona who play guitar, bass & drums, respectively, with lead-vocalist Aimee Interrupter belting out her signature punk raspy vocals.

Where is Aimee Allen from?

Montana, United States
Aimee Allen/Place of birth

Who is the singer of The Distillers?

Brody Dalle
The Distillers/Singers

Los Angeles, California, U.S. The Distillers are an American punk rock band, formed in Los Angeles, California in 1998 by vocalist and guitarist Brody Dalle. Dalle co-wrote, played guitar and provided lead vocals for nearly every track on the band’s three albums.

Who is the lead singer of The Distillers?

The Distillers/Lead singers

What was the interrupters first song?

The first single released was the song “Liberty”, followed shortly thereafter by the song “Family”, which features a guest vocal by Tim Armstrong and was previously released through the Tim Timebomb and Friends project.

What happened to Aimee Allen?

She is currently the lead vocalist for the ska-punk band the Interrupters under the moniker Aimee Interrupter.

Why did Distillers break up?

What ended the Distillers? We all just grew out of it. We had gotten into some really unhealthy habits on the road that we brought home and kind of isolated us from each other. There was a lot of infighting and generally unhappiness.