What is OPatch utility?

What is OPatch utility?

The OPatch utility is a tool that allows the application and rollback of interim patches to Oracle products. This chapter provides information on using OPatch to apply patches.

What is OPatch version?

1) includes OPatch version 13.3. 0.0. 0. This version includes new features and capabilities that are designed to improve the experience of patching an Oracle Fusion Middleware 12c Oracle home. In general, there is a version of OPatch available for each version of the Oracle Universal Installer software.

What is OPatch Lsinventory in Oracle?

Using the OPatch lsinventory Command to Verify the Patches Applied to an Oracle Home. The OPatch utility enables you to apply the interim patches to Oracle Database software. Run the opatch lsinventory command to get the list of interim patches applied.

What is OPatch Napply?

In Simple Terms: Opatch apply is used to apply single patch. Opatch napply is used to apply multiple patch at the same time.

How do I check my OPatch history?

The OS opatch command: This opatch command list all patches that have been applied . The data dictionary: You can query sys. registry$history to see a history of patch application.

What is the difference between OPatch and OPatchAuto?

What is the difference between OPatch and Opatchauto? 3.4 OPatch Automation (OPatchAuto) With OPatchAuto, you can automatically patch the typical Grid Infrastructure (GI) and RAC home directories with minimal intervention.

How do I Opatch in Oracle 12c RAC?

To ensure successful patching, Oracle recommends that a patching session always consist of the four following steps:

  1. Run opatch lsinventory. When to run: During cluster uptime.
  2. Run opatchauto apply -analyze. When to run: During cluster uptime.
  3. Run opatchauto apply.
  4. Run opatch lsinventory.

How do I use the latest OPatch?

How to install latest Opatch utility?

  1. Download the latest Opatch utility from Patch 6880880.
  2. Take a backup of older version of OPatch utility under $ORACLE_HOME and unzip the downloaded file. cd $ORACLE_HOME. mv OPatch OPatch.bkp.
  3. Now check the OPatch version, which will be latest installed by now. cd OPatch.
  4. Environment.