What is NBC first look?

What is NBC first look?

1st Look is a weekly American travel and lifestyle television program that is broadcast on NBC. Produced by LXTV, it highlights top travel destinations around the country, with a focus on cuisine and nightlife. The program has had 11 different hosts to date, beginning with original hosts Gardner Loulan and Angela Sun.

Who is the female host on 1st Look?

Ashley Roberts
Welcome 1st Look TV’s New Host: Ashley Roberts.

What happened to the show first look?

First Look originally ended on July 22, 2016, after that, Way Too Early expanding to one hour, During the 2016 Summer Olympics on August 15, 2016, the program returned with the new title Morning Joe First Look with the latter show’s logo blended into a new logo for First Look, but retained the same format, while some …

Does Johnny Bananas have a show?

Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio wants you to stay up late with him. The seven-time Challenge champion, 38, will host Celebrity Sleepover, a new late night show that will air after NBC’s Saturday Night Live beginning April 3.

What is Johnny Bananas hosting?

John Devenanzio (born June 22, 1982), also known as Jonathan Bananas, is a television personality, best known as a competitor on the MTV reality game show The Challenge. His first television appearance was on the seventeenth season of The Real World in 2006. In 2018, he became the current host of 1st Look on NBC.

What was bananas first challenge?

His very first season was ‘The Duel’ Known at the time as The Real World/Road Rules Challenge, Bananas’ very first season was The Duel. The first edition of The Duel series took place in Brazil. And it was the first season that didn’t have teams assigned.

What shows was Johnny Bananas on?

The ChallengeSince 1998
The Real World1992 – 2019The Challenge After ShowSince 2012The Challenge: Champs vs. Stars
Johnny Devenanzio/TV shows

What was Cara Maria’s first challenge?

Don’t Cross Me
Challenge History

Episode Challenge Result
1 Don’t Cross Me ARENA
2 Oil Change SAFE
3 Hook, Line and Sinker OUT