What do you talk about in ESL?

What do you talk about in ESL?

28 ESL Discussion Topics for Adults That Everyone Has Opinions On

  • Hobbies. Everybody has hobbies, and everybody loves talking about them.
  • Time. As people get older, their perceived value of time increases, so it’s a practical topic that everyone has something to say about.
  • Sleep.
  • Music.
  • First Dates.
  • Work.
  • Risk.
  • Food.

What is another word for conversation topic?

What is another word for topic of conversation?

issue question
controversial subject talking point
debating point subject of debate
hot topic point of discussion
headline trending topic

What questions should I ask an ESL student?

A Part of Conversation Questions for the ESL Classroom.

  • Do you have any pets?
  • What was the last book you read?
  • Do you like to cook?
  • What’s your favorite food?
  • Are you good at cooking/swimming/etc?
  • Are you married or single?
  • Do you have brothers and sisters? Are they older or younger than you?
  • Do you like baseball?

How can I talk without preparing?

How to Make a Good Presentation When There’s No Time to Prepare

  1. Keep talking points simple.
  2. Keep your presentation short.
  3. Tell a story.
  4. Include some audience participation.
  5. Practice, practice, practice.
  6. Don’t let ’em see you sweat.

What are some interesting conversation topics?

Popular topics for interesting conversation include the latest TV shows, movies, internet memes, and songs or musical artists. Listen to the radio whenever you can, and check out movies that you think seem interesting either at home or at the theater.

What are some appropriate topics for conversation?

1) The Weather. Yes, talking about the weather seems dull, but it is a good neutral topic that everyone can relate to. 2) Sports. Some people know about sports than others, so there are some rules of thumb to consider before discussing sports. 3) Entertainment. 4) Food.

What are good discussion questions?

Good discussion questions depend on a careful reading of the text. They often cite particular scenes or passages and ask people to look at them closely and draw connections between these passages and the rest of the work. Good discussion questions are simply and clearly stated.

What are some things to talk about?

There are several things you can talk about: Current Affairs and World News. Funny Events and Things in School. Talk about tests and homework assignments (more fun than it seems!) Play a few word games. Talk about vacations and distant places (maybe share a few interesting vacation stories) Talk about your hobbies and mischief.