How much are Fazioli pianos worth?

How much are Fazioli pianos worth?

Fazioli pianos start at $100,000 and each one takes approximately 3,000 man-hours to make – that’s about double the price and three times the amount of time than a Steinway.

How much does a Fazioli F308 cost?

Acoustic Piano: Model & Pricing Guide

Model Feet MSRP*
Fazioli Grands
F278 9 306,000
F278 9 326,100
F308 10 245,700

How much does a Fazioli concert grand piano cost?

Fazioli Piano Prices The traditional six models of satin and polished ebony grand pianos range from $128,000 to $234,000, which is very much in line with the bestGerman and Austrian piano manufacturers.

Are Fazioli pianos any good?

Fazioli pianos are amazingly consistent throughout, and it’s easy for a pianist to anticipate what it will do. In general, it’s very easy to play this piano because of how uniform the action is. Compared to Steinways, the tone offers much more brightness, but not quite as much as you would find in a Yamaha piano.

Who makes the best pianos in the world?

Who are the Best Piano Makers in the World?

  • Bösendorfer. Bösendorfer is one of the oldest luxury piano makers in the world, having started in Vienna, Austria in 1828.
  • Blüthner. Another great piano manufacturer from Germany, this time Leipzig.
  • Steinway & Sons.
  • Bechstein.
  • Fazioli.
  • Shigeru Kawai.
  • Mason and Hamlin.
  • Stuart and Sons.

Why was the Fazioli F308 Pianoforti so important?

The absolute “jewel in the crown” designed for modern large-capacity concert halls and very big has immense power and extraordinary harmonic richness, owing to the increased string length in the bass section. It is endowed with a fourth pedal invented by Fazioli.

When did Paolo Fazioli start making grand pianos?

History: Despite being a relatively newcomer to the stage having established his company in 1981, Paolo Fazioli has nonetheless become a competition to the high end piano market. Located just northeast of Venice, Italy, this family run business offers a full line of hand crafted grand pianos.

What was the fourth pedal invented by Fazioli?

It is endowed with a fourth pedal invented by Fazioli. Located to the left of the three traditional pedals, it reduces the hammer-blow distance THUS reducing the volume without modifying the timbre, at the same time facilitating the performance of glissandos, pianissimos, rapid passages and legatos.