How do you say discussed?

How do you say discussed?

How do you say as discussed?

  1. like we discussed.
  2. as agreed.
  3. as discussed.
  4. as we have already said.
  5. as we mentioned.
  6. as we mentioned earlier.
  7. as we talk.
  8. when we talked.

How do you say discussed earlier?

Other Ways to Say “As Mentioned Previously”

  1. As I said before …
  2. Like I said …
  3. Like I said before …
  4. Further to my previous comments …
  5. As previously stated …
  6. As I mentioned before …
  7. As previously mentioned …
  8. Before, I wrote …

Which is correct at the meeting or in the meeting?

That is the question. The answer depends on the context. If you mean to refer to the meeting as a location, you use “at a/the meeting.” If you mean to refer to the meeting as an activity without specifying location you use “in a/the meeting.” But there is an exception to the location rule.

Is As discussed earlier?

In the phrase “as discussed,” “discussed” tells listeners that the conversation happened in the past. “Earlier” doesn’t give listeners new information, so it isn’t needed.

What can I write instead of discussed?

10 Alternatives to “As Per Our Conversation”

  • As discussed.
  • As per your request.
  • As per the contract.
  • As instructed.
  • In line with what we discussed.

How do you say something will be discussed later?

Option a is used to tell the reader that discussion of a topic is coming later in the text: The controversy over nuclear power continues , as discussed in the next section.

How do you say professionally discussed?

1. To remind the other party of an obligation

  1. “As agreed”
  2. “As discussed”
  3. “As promised”
  4. “Last time we spoke”

Is today’s meeting correct?

Today’s meeting vs Todays meeting “Today’s meeting” is correctly punctuated, while “todays meeting” is not.

What conjunction we discussed earlier?

As discussed earlier vs As earlier discussed “Discussed” is in past tense, so it signals that a conversation already happened.

Do you put a comma after as discussed?

While commas are helpful to separate ideas, sometimes one thought has gone on for long enough, and it should end. Commas should also be used after introductory phrases like “Of course,” “However,” and “As we discussed,”.