How much travel does Fox Float have?

How much travel does Fox Float have?

The new FOX 38 has 38 mm stanchions and is FOX’s new fork for enduro duties with 160-180 mm of travel. It will be available in Factory, Performance Elite, Performance, and E-Bike models with GRIP2 and GRIP dampers, in 27.5 and 29” options.

What is Fox trunnion mount?

WHAT IS A TRUNNION MOUNT? A Trunnion mount shock mounts the shock body directly to the linkage – there are two threaded holes on the shock body and linkage bolts thread directly into them. Trunnion mounts have started to become more popular within the last few years with frame manufacturers.

How much travel does a Fox Float DPS performance have?

Sag should be set to 25 – 30% of total shock travel To achieve the best performance from your FOX suspension, adjust the air pressure to attain your proper sag setting. Sag is the amount your suspension compresses under your weight and riding gear. Sag range should be set to 25–30% of total shock travel.

Are FOX forks worth it?

That said, they really are very good forks/dampers. Even the lower models include the proper damping circuits (high and low speed) that will allow the fork to react well to high and low-speed impacts. The basic idea is that fox doesn’t make “cheap” forks, like RS, Marzocchi and others do.

Is FOX Factory better than FOX performance?

Performance Elite is functionally the same as Factory forks but the stanchions use a black finish instead of the gold Kashima coat used on Factory forks. Factory is the highest level of FOX fork and it is priced accordingly. All models use higher-end FIT4 or FIT GRIP 2 dampers.

Is Fox Factory better than Fox performance?

What does trunnion mounted mean?

A Trunnion Mount (think of the two big pins that stick out of the side of an old cannon that allows it to rotate) is a style of connection where the top of the shock’s air can body has two external connection points that can be pinned directly to the rocker arm.

How do I tell what FOX shock I have?

On FOX shocks 2013+ you can normally find a shock custom tune id printed on the label around the air sleeve:

  1. In the above picture we can see the ID being C372.
  2. The page will list information regarding the specific code, the above shock gives us: