Is Soma better than Boltor?

Is Soma better than Boltor?

almost everyone would agree that the soma is the better weapon. Boltor only looks stronger. You need to remember the high slash damage from the soma and the fact that it is nearly hitscan.

Is braton prime better than Soma Prime?

There’s no contest here, Soma Prime is better than all Braton variants.

Is Boltor prime good 2020?

The Boltor Prime is a very accurate weapon and has a great potential for picking off enemies at medium range and even long distances. Some of its drawbacks that it has is its ammo capacity and slightly low amount of damage which can be made for by being more accurate when taking shots and increasing damage with mods.

Is Telos Boltor better than Boltor prime?

Boltor Prime is a status weapon, with a base of 34%, but also higher base damage ( Prime: 41.4 puncture 4.6 slash vs Telos: 27 puncture 3 slash) . Also shoots a bit faster and is more accurate. Telos Boltor is a crit weapon, at 30% chance and 2.4x vs the Prime’s 12% chance and 2.0x.

Is Boltor Prime vaulted 2021?

Now, if you’ve joined fairly recently there’s a pretty good chance you have never experienced the vaulting. So, what it did is remove the relics that would drop parts for the Boltor Prime from the drop table. So, currently Boltor Prime is inaccessible for some period of time.

Is the Furis good Warframe?

In damage is bad in comparison to other secondaries but is good as utility weapon with Winds of Purity mod from New Loka. You heal quickly at distance with that and almost instantly. It will be your best friend if you don’t have other ways to heal yourself.

Is Akbolto prime good?

The Akbolto Prime is a really great weapon, especially because of the super high critical chance. The main ‘problem’ is that you don’t have an auto-fire mode like the Akstiletto Prime has, which means that you have to click once for every shot.