Whats the difference between TD04 and TD05?

Whats the difference between TD04 and TD05?

The TD04-13G is the turbocharger used on automatic 1st generation (1G) DSMs. Compared to the TD05H-14B from the manual cars, the 13G has a smaller compressor and turbine housings, as well as smaller turbine and compressor wheels. 13G’s spool slightly faster but have much less top-end than a 14B.

Who makes the TD05 turbo?

By far the most popular turbo for Subaru ! If you are looking for a street/track turbo look no further, the TR TD05-20G turbo makes a excellent street and track turbo….Turbo Characteristics:

Bearing Type: Journal
Turbine Wheel Ex: 49.2 mm
Actuator: 1.3 Bar / 19 psi
Turbine Housing: 8 cm2
Max. Power: 450 HP

What is TD05?

The TD05 in your senario is the turbine where as the 20G is the compressor. Smaller turbine will spool faster but less top end. Same thing with the compressor, smaller = faster spool; bigger = slower spool more top end. B.

How much power can a TD05 turbo make?

The max boost on the stock turbo can be reached between 3500-4500 RPM’s but typically pushing it past 28 psi on pump gas or 30 psi on E85 isn’t worth it since trying to compress it to a higher pressure is causing it to heat up the air even more.

What does 16G mean turbo?

A 14B is the factory turbo from a 1G manual DSM. A 16G or 20G is a factory-fit turbo with a compressor wheel upgrade.

What’s the difference between 16G and 20G Turbo?

Registered. The 16g uses the TDO5H housing and was used on the EVO III’s, and the induction wheel isnt as big as the 20g wheel. The 20g turbo also uses a larger housing TDO6.

What’s the difference between 16G and 20G turbo?

How big is a TD06 turbo?

Turbo Sizing Chart for Mitsubishi / Greddy Turbochargers

Turbo Compressor
Wheel Trim map avail Exducer Diameter (in./mm)
Greddy TD05-18G 18G 50 2.68/68mm
b* Greddy TD06-20G 20G 60 2.68″/68mm
HKS GT2530 GT28RS 63 2.37″/60mm

What mm size is a TD04 turbo?

TD04 Turbine wheel size 41.4mm*47mm for turbo replacement Turbo parts 49177-30300,49377-06050 AAA Turbocharger Parts.