Do I need Songtrust if I have CD Baby?

Do I need Songtrust if I have CD Baby?

The main difference between the two companies is that CD Baby requires you to use their distribution services in order to get publishing administration, and Songtrust does not offer distribution services. Songwriters may only register songs with Songtrust or CD Baby Pro — never both.

Does CD Baby collect all royalties?

CD Baby Pro Publishing Administration will. All mechanical royalties from streaming services such as Spotify and Apple Music. All performance royalties from streaming services (like Spotify), radio, TV, live concert performances, and much more.

Is SoundExchange and Songtrust the same?

The difference between these platforms is the type of royalties they collect. Songtrust collects royalties generated by compositions on behalf of songwriters and publishers, whereas SoundExchange collects digital performance royalties generated by master recordings on behalf of master owners and performers.

Can I use both DistroKid and CD Baby?

Your agreement with CD Baby is non-exclusive. You are able to use multiple distribution companies at once, but please make sure that your content is not being distributed to the same partner more than once.

How does CD Baby pay royalties?

How often do you pay my royalties? CD Baby Pro Publishing Administration distributes royalties quarterly. From CD Baby Pro Publishing Administration, you receive payment of the publisher’s share of your royalties. The songwriter’s share will be sent directly to you from your Performing Rights Organization.

Do I need Songtrust if I have BMI?

If you’re already registered with BMI (or any other performance rights organization), you are free to choose to have Songtrust manage parts of your music catalog and leave the rest to be done directly with your performance rights organization.

Is DistroKid faster than CD Baby?

Distrokid vs CD Baby: Core Services Distrokid offers users the opportunity to get their music onto Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music and Amazon. The company claims that they will get your music into these stores ten to twenty times faster than other distributors. CD Baby offers users much the same service.