What is the second Tomorrow When the War Began?

What is the second Tomorrow When the War Began?

Tomorrow series

Tomorrow, When the War Began’s front cover
Tomorrow, When the War Began (1993) The Dead of the Night (1994) The Third Day, the Frost (1995) Darkness, Be My Friend (1996) Burning for Revenge (1997) The Night is for Hunting (1998) The Other Side of Dawn (1999)
No. of books 7
Followed by The Ellie Chronicles

Where was the movie Tomorrow When the War Began filmed?

Filming and locations Filming began in the Hunter Region of New South Wales, Australia on 28 September 2009 with early shooting in Dungog. Raymond Terrace was chosen as a major location for producing the film as it is “a great country town”.

Who is the invading army in Tomorrow When the War Began?

By Karl Quinn. THERE are many notable things about Tomorrow When the War Began, the film version of John Marsden’s best-selling novel, but chief among them is that the army that invades Australia is unmistakably Asian.

What is the message of tomorrow when the war began?

Survival. Survival is a prominent theme in Tomorrow, When the War Began; the group of friends collect supplies necessary to aid their survival once the invasion has taken place and make plans to assist in their survival in Hell.

Will there be a The Tomorrow War 2?

The Tomorrow War 2 is reportedly already in the works. Recently premiering on Amazon Prime Video, the movie was originally slated for a theatrical release before Amazon picked up the sci-fi action thriller from Skydance for $200 million.

Will there be a tomorrow War 2?

A sequel to The Tomorrow War with the same cast and creative team is reportedly in early development from Amazon Studios and Skydance. The Tomorrow War 2 is reportedly already in the works.

What is the theme of when the war began?


  • War.
  • Love.
  • Man and the Natural World.
  • Family.
  • Fear.
  • Wisdom and Knowledge.
  • Foolishness.
  • Friendship.

What age group is Tomorrow When The War Began for?

Tomorrow, When the War Began (The Tomorrow Series)

Interest Level Reading Level ATOS
Grades 7 – 12 Grades 4 – 7 6.3

Who survived the tomorrow war?

They discover the lab personnel are already dead but recover their research. Only Dan, Charlie, and battle hardened draftee Dorian (on his 3rd deployment) survive the Whitespikes and bombing.

How long is the tomorrow war?

2h 20m
The Tomorrow War/Running time