What does CPDLC mean on an approach plate?

What does CPDLC mean on an approach plate?

Controller Pilot Data Link Communications
Controller Pilot Data Link Communications (CPDLC)—uses FANS ATC data communication capability from the aircraft to. the ATC Data Link system.

Is CPDLC required in the US?

Controller Pilot Data Link Communications (CPDLC) are currently required in Datalink Mandated (DLM) airspace within the North Atlantic Tracks (NATs). As of Dec 7, 2017, airspace impacted by CPDLC requirements will expand and this will affect general aviation (GA) transatlantic operations.

Where is CPDLC mandatory?

MUAC-controlled airspace
Is CPDLC logon mandatory? The only place where it’s mandatory to log on is in MUAC-controlled airspace (provided you’ve got ATN CPDLC, that is). This is to alleviate the controllers from having to ask every single plane to log on. So if you’re flying through MUAC airspace: log on to EDYY.

How is CPDLC transmitted?

CPDLC can be used by itself, without ADS-C, and can be transmitted via VHF of SatCom with relatively low latency – basically the message gets where it need to go right away with practically un-noticeable delay. CPDLC text messages are entered on the flight crews CDU (control display unit) keypad.


CPDLC, as the name suggests, is for communication between pilots and Air Traffic Control, whereas ACARS is used for communication between pilots (and their aircraft) and their airline operations center, and also for general pilot operations (e.g. receiving weather reports).

What’s the difference between ACARS and CPDLC?

CPDLC addresses the capacity limits of voice communications in designated European airspace, providing controller and pilots an air / ground data link. ACARS facilitates communication between flight crew and ground based operations, in all phases of flight.

What is the difference between ACARS and CPDLC?

When should I login to CPDLC?

If a flight crew is located at a non-CPDLC equipped airport, and CPDLC network coverage is available, a log on can be performed while the aircraft is on the ground. The flight crew may also log on while airborne within U.S. domestic airspace, or prior to entering U.S. domestic airspace.

Do I need CPDLC to fly in Europe?

In addition to FANS equipment, most aircraft flying to Europe will also need to be equipped with a CPDLC system able to receive information from Europe’s ground-based aeronautical telecommunications datalink network, called Link 2000+.

Does CPDLC require SATCOM?

Systems limited to U.S. domestic CPDLC DCL and en route do not require SATCOM capability. En route operations do require push-to-load capabilities. This AC provides airworthiness requirements for aircraft with an installed data link system intended to support air traffic services.


CPDLC (Controller-Pilot Data Link Communications) uses VHF and SATCOM to transmit Air Traffic Control clearances and messages from the ground to the aircraft, and vice versa.