Where do I take Masamune?

Where do I take Masamune?

On Quest to repair Masamuneedit Head into the Cursed Woods, and show the medal to Frog. He’ll give you the Broken Hilt of the Masamune, which you’ll learn was made by Melchior, a man living in 1000 A.D. at Medina Village.

Where do I go after getting Masamune Chrono Trigger?

Once you have the Masamune in your possession, head back to the End of Time and warp to 600 A.D. to give the Masamune to Frog. Incidentally, at this point in the game, you still won’t be able to go inside Guardia Castle, so there’s not much else you can do in the present.

Where is Tata’s house Chrono Trigger?

In the Middle Ages, Tata lives in the small town of Porre, south of the Zenan Bridge, with his father and grandfather.

How do you get frog in Chrono Trigger?

Go up and get the Masamune. Go to Tata’s house, in Porre, and talk to Tata to get the Hero Medal. Then go to the Cursed Woods and talk to Frog.

Where do you go after you give Frog the Masamune?

the Cursed Woods
After the Masamune gets fixed, it’s time to go back to the Cursed Woods in the Middle Ages. When they get to Frog’s House, Frog gets shocked to see that the Masamune is whole.

How do you get rainbow in Chrono Trigger?

The Rainbow Shell is a very colorful very large shell that can be forged into many useful and durable items. It can be found in Giant’s Claw in Middle Ages after the defeat of the Rust Tyranno.

How do you get Dreamstone?

If you want the Dreamstone, Ayla has it, she’ll challenge Crono to a drinking contest, of Skull Smash. If Crono wins, Ayla will give Crono her Dreamstone.

Where is the Masamune chapter in Chrono Trigger?

The Masamune is the fourteenth chapter of Chrono Trigger . Now that Crono has the Dreamstone, with his other party members ( Marle, Lucca, and/or Robo ), they have to go to Melchior’s Cabin, in Medina Village, in the Present. Melchior will help fix the Masamune. Melchior gets confused, because of how you got the Masamune and the Dreamstone.

How do you damage Magus in Chrono Trigger?

If you have the kind of magic that will damage Magus, first have Frog hit him with the Masamune, then use the kind of magic that will damage Magus. Otherwise have Crono do another physical attack to change his barrier again. Repeat the process. Eventually, Magus will stop changing barriers.

How did frog slay Magus in Chrono Cross?

Magus shoots a magical attack at Glenn, and he falls off the cliff. Back at Frog’s House, Frog is thinking about Cyrus, and the powers of the Masamune, then a tear drops out of Frog’s eye, and lands of the Masamune. Frog wakes up Crono, and the group. Frog is ready to slay Magus.

What’s the best way to get rid of Magus?

Keep HP above 150 for the first phase of this battle. First, have Crono hit Magus with a physical attack. Magus will change his barrier. If you have the kind of magic that will damage Magus, first have Frog hit him with the Masamune, then use the kind of magic that will damage Magus.