Is Plintron a good company?

Is Plintron a good company?

Working in Plintron is really stress free work place. Both Management and coworkers are friendly manner. The development palns and execution are well planned and the employees are treated in a professional way. Especially the appraisal for the employees is really reasonable.

What carrier is Plintron?

Plintron is a Mobile Virtual Network Enabler (MVNE) / Mobile Virtual Network Aggregator (MVNA) services provider, founded in 2008.

What is MVNO service?

An MVNO is a wireless service provider that uses the network of one of the Big Four carriers (Verizon, Sprint, AT or T-Mobile) to provide cellular service to their customers.

Why is MVNO cheaper?

MVNO’s can offer cheaper prices on plans because they aren’t paying to keep up a network. What happens here is that the MVNO pays the network a certain amount to basically lease their towers and allow their customers to use that network. This is why they can offer cheaper plans, and ultimately the same coverage.

Is MVNO reliable?

MVNOs offer the same network quality at a lower cost Because MVNOs use the carrier networks, they offer the exact same quality and reliability. The idea that MVNOs are in some way lower quality is simply a misconception – they run on the same networks as the big carriers.

What are disadvantages of MVNO?

While MVNOs have plenty of useful benefits, they also come with their own set of drawbacks: Your data speeds may be throttled and performance is given second-priority to those who subscribe to an MNO whose network you are connecting to.

Is it worth switching to MVNO?

The main benefit of going or switching to an MVNO as your operator is that you’ll almost certainly get lower prices. Given that an MVNO is renting its service from a major operator, things like coverage and reception should be just as good as you’d expect from that major operator.

How reliable is MVNO?