Who has the best ERA in the MLB?

Who has the best ERA in the MLB?

Ed Walsh holds the MLB earned run average record with a 1.816. Addie Joss (1.887) and Jim Devlin (1.896) are the only other pitchers with a career earned run average under 2.000.

Who was the best MLB team in 2013?

West Division

Tm W W-L%
Oakland Athletics 96 .593
Texas Rangers 91 .558
Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim 78 .481
Seattle Mariners 71 .438

Who has the best ERA in baseball this year?


1 C. Burnes MIL 167.0
2 M. Scherzer LAD 179.1
3 W. Buehler LAD 207.2
4 B. Woodruff MIL 179.1
5 Z. Wheeler PHI 213.1

Who has the lowest ERA in 2011?

Year National League ERA
2014 (NL AL) Clayton Kershaw* (LAD) 1.77
2013 (NL AL) Clayton Kershaw* (LAD) 1.83
2012 (NL AL) Clayton Kershaw* (LAD) 2.53
2011 (NL AL) Clayton Kershaw* (LAD) 2.28

Who won the 2013 World Series?

Boston Red Sox
2013 World Series/Champion

Who drafted before Kris Bryant?

First round

Pick Player Position
1 Mark Appel Right-handed pitcher
2 Kris Bryant Third baseman
3 Jon Gray Right-handed pitcher
4 Kohl Stewart Right-handed pitcher

What pitcher has the worst ERA?

John Gochnaur. John Peter Gochnaur (September 12, 1875 – September 27, 1929) was an American professional baseball player.

What is the lowest ERA ever?

0.86 ERA
The lowest single-season ERA in league history was posted by Tim Keefe, whose 0.86 ERA in 105 innings pitched for the National League’s Troy Trojans in 1880 led his closest competitor by . 52 runs. In the American League, Dutch Leonard’s 0.96 ERA is a single-season record.