How much does the MindUP program cost?

How much does the MindUP program cost?

Imagine a brain manipulation which gives children greater mental focus, improves empathy, and increases optimism. And the cost is about $5 per child.

Is MindUP evidence based?

MindUp is a comprehensive, classroom-tested, evidence-based curriculum framed around 15 easily implemented lessons that foster social and emotional awareness, enhance psychological well-being, and promote academic success.

Who created MindUP?

When I began The Goldie Hawn Foundation in 2003 I knew that I had to do something to remedy the stress and anxiety children were experiencing. Every child deserves an equal chance to thrive, and so together with researchers, scientists, and educators I created the MindUP program.

Why MindUP?

MindUP infuses developmental neuroscience, mindful awareness practice, social emotional learning, and positive psychology to foster children’s well-being and resiliency. Understanding the structure of the brain and how it functions gives children a sense of control and empowerment.

How much does open circle cost?

Prices range from $250 to $975. Please visit for additional information. Considerations for implementing this program include acquiring buy-in from the school community, ensuring facilitators receive training, and making time within an existing curriculum for the Open Circle program.

When was MindUP founded?

Founded in 2003 by actress Goldie Hawn’s educational foundation and a team of neuroscientists, educators, and psychologists, MindUP is a classroom program that provides a curriculum at the intersection of neuroscience, positive psychology, mindful awareness, and SEL.

Is open circle or closed?

When graphing a linear inequality on a number line, use an open circle for “less than” or “greater than”, and a closed circle for “less than or equal to” or “greater than or equal to”.

Does an open circle mean on a graph?

Correct answer: A closed circle indicates “greater than or equal to” or “less than or equal to,” while and open circle indicates “greater than” or “less than”.