Who was Generaal De la Rey?

Who was Generaal De la Rey?

Jacobus Herculaas de la Rey (22 October 1847 – 15 September 1914), better known as Koos de la Rey, was a South African military officer who served as a Boer general during the Second Boer War. De la Rey also had a political career and was one of the leading advocates of Boer independence.

How did Generaal De la Rey die?

They ordered their driver to ignore the roadblocks and at the Langlaagte roadblock one of the constables on duty fired a shot, reportedly aiming at the right hand back wheel of the car. The ricochet bullet entered the rear of the car, and a fragment thereof lodged in Genl. De La Rey’s heart, killing him instantly.

Who killed Koos de la Rey?

On 15 September 1914 de la Rey was on route to Potchefstroom military camp from Johannesburg. His driver did not stop at a roadblock set up for the Foster gang and police opened fire on the car and de la Rey was killed by a ricochet.

Where does Bok Blerk stay?

The weather and outdoor lifestyle are just some of the things Bok, who is also an avid deep sea fisherman, says he loves about living on the North Coast. “We have two small kids who are 17 months apart, so it’s great living in KZN where my wife’s family are also based so she has their support when I’m traveling.”

Where does the surname De la Rey come from?

The surname De la rey was first found in Burgundy (French: Bourgogne), an administrative and historical region of east-central France, where the family has held a family seat since ancient times.

How old is Bok Blerk?

43 years (March 30, 1978)
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How old is Bok Van Blerk? The Afrikaans singer was welcomed to the world on the 30th of March, 1978 in Overberg, South Africa. So, Bok Van Blerk age is 41 years at the moment.

Who is Bok van Blerk wife?

Hanna Grobler
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What is Appel’s real name?

Christoph Kotze, also known as Appel, is one of South Africa’s most prolific contemporary Afrikaans songwriters.

Is Bok van Blerk married?

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