How do you get unlimited rockets in Resident Evil 5?

How do you get unlimited rockets in Resident Evil 5?

Unlike all the other weapons, infinite ammo is awarded upon completing the main game in under 5 hours. You will be able to unlock it once you complete all chapters on the same difficulty and the total time has to be less than 5 hours, the quickest time is saved each time you play that certain chapter.

How do you get the secret weapons in Resident Evil 5?

Unlockable Weapons

  1. Gatling Gun (Chris Only) – Fully upgrade the VZ61 Machine Gun.
  2. Hydra Triple Barrel Shotgun – Fully upgrade the Ithaca M93 Shotgun.
  3. Longbow (Sheva Only) – Fully upgrade the S75 Rifle.
  4. M93R Pistol (Samurai Edge Custom) – Fully upgrade the M92F Pistol.
  5. S&W M500 (Handcannon) – Fully upgrade the S&W M29 Magmum.

How long does it take to beat Resident Evil 5?

12 hours
According to the Main Story completion on, Resident Evil Village is the fourth-longest Resident Evil game behind Resident Evil 6’s 21.5 hours, Resident Evil 4’s 16 hours, and Resident Evil 5’s 12 hours.

How do you unlock Sheva tribal?

Tribal – Is unlocked by obtaining all the 30 BSAA emblems and completing the game once, its theme is an African tribes attire. This costume consists of a leopard print bikini top, a few pieces of cloth which form a skirt, a pair of black high-heeled sandals and tribal accessories.

What is the best handgun in Resident Evil 5?

Costing a staggering 30,000 (dollars?), the M93R is the game’s best pistol. You won’t be able to use it much during your initial playthrough, but once you’ve unlocked it, you can begin to upgrade a weapon that already starts out pretty darn strong.

How do I use infinite ammo in RE5?

Okay so step by step here’s how to get unlimited ammo for any weapon.

  1. Fully max out all attributes for a weapon.
  2. Go to Bonus Features and scroll down to the cheat then pay with the points.
  3. Go into special settings and turn unlimited ammo on.
  4. Turn on unlimited ammo when u start your game. (

How do you unlock infinite weapons in re6?

Complete All Story Missions First. The Infinite Ammo Skills will only be available for purchase once you’ve completed all 4 Scenarios at least once. You don’t need to do them in any particular order.