What does SID stand for RockShox?

What does SID stand for RockShox?

Superlight Integrated Design
The SID has been in RockShox’s catalog since 1998, long enough for most of us to forget what those three letters stand for. It’s ‘Superlight Integrated Design,’ an appropriate name for suspension that’s meant to weigh as little as possible.

Who makes RockShox?

SRAM Corporation
RockShox Inc. is an American company founded by Paul Turner in 1989, that develops and manufactures bicycle suspensions. The company led in the development of mountain bikes. It is now part of SRAM Corporation….RockShox.

Industry Bicycle Component Manufacturer
Parent SRAM Corporation
Website www.rockshox.com

How do I know what RockShox fork I have?

Genuine RockShox forks have a unique serial number that is laser engraved on the backside of the fork crown. Each fork and corresponding serial number is cataloged as a part of SRAM’s manufacturing process. The only way to guarantee you are purchasing a genuine RockShox fork is to purchase it from an authorized dealer.

What is RockShox select?

Deluxe Select delivers a lightweight package with the same proven damping performance of the entire Deluxe family. Now featuring Maxima Plush fluid for added performance and ride quality. New Maxima Plush damping fluid reduces friction and silences damper noise.

Is RockShox good?

RockShox produces forks and shocks for everything from cross country to downhill riding at every price point. In addition to front and rear suspension, RockShox also developed the Reverb adjustable-height seatpost; the first dropper post to earn a five star rating from our testers.

What is better RockShox or Fox?

– Results: RockShox dominates World Cup XC, while Fox is tops in World Cup DH racing. – TPC sales: We sell slightly more Fox fork-equipped bikes than RockShox bikes. Okay, ready for a deep dive on mountain bike forks? To keep things simple, we’ll focus on the most common forks that FOX and RockShox produce.

What year is my RockShox fork?

On the back of the crown is a serial number. The number after the first letter is supposedly the year of the fork.