What areas fall under Helderberg?

What areas fall under Helderberg?

The Helderberg region incorporates the towns of Gordon’s Bay, Lwandle, Macassar, Sir Lowry’s Pass, Somerset West and Strand. Getting there takes about an hour’s drive and the Helderberg and Hottentots Holland mountain ranges provide a scenic backdrop to the Winelands and False Bay coastline.

Where is the Helderberg area?

Western Cape of South Africa
Helderberg is a wine-producing area in the Western Cape of South Africa and a district of the City of Cape Town Metropolitan Municipality. Originally known as the “Hottentots-Holland” area, it was renamed “Helderberg” by the City of Cape Town following concerns about possible racist connotations in the name.

Is Helderberg part of Overberg?

Less than 30 miles from Cape Town, the Helderberg is the gateway to the Overberg, Winelands and the Garden Route.

In which suburb is Somerset West?

Somerset West (Afrikaans: Somerset-Wes) is a town in the Western Cape, South Africa. Organisationally and administratively it is included in the City of Cape Town metropolitan municipality as a suburb of the Helderberg region (formerly called Hottentots Holland)….Somerset West.

Somerset West Somerset-Wes
Area code +27 (0)21

What is the meaning of Somerset West?

The world Helderberg means ‘clear mountain’ The town of Somerset West was named Somerset after an English governor of the Cape Colony during the 1800s, Lord Charles Henry Somerset. The suffix ‘West’ was added after 1825 to differentiate it from Somerset East which is another South African town in the Eastern Cape.

What mountains are in Somerset West?

The range is primarily composed of Table Mountain Sandstone, and forms a large range between the Cape Town outlying suburbs of Somerset West and Gordon’s Bay to the west, and the large Elgin valley to the east….

Hottentots Holland Mountains
Country South Africa
State Western Cape
Region Overberg

How tall is the Table Mountain?

1,086 m
Maclear’s Beacon/Elevation

…about the steep slopes of Table Mountain (3,563 feet [1,086 metres] high) and neighbouring peaks and……

Where does the Overberg start?

Stretching from the Hottentots-Holland Mountains in the west to Swellendam in the east, the Overberg incorporates the major towns of Grabouw,Caledon, Hermanus, Bredasdorp, and Swellendam, as well as Barrydale, Elgin, Stanford, and Gansbaai.

Where does the name Overberg come from?

The name, derived from Over ‘t Berg, means “over the (Hottentots-Holland) mountain” and is a reference to the region’s location relative to Cape Town. The Overberg has always been considered as the breadbasket of the Cape and is largely given to grain farming, mainly wheat.

How Safe Is Somerset West?

Crime rates in Somerset West, South Africa

Level of crime 55.83 Moderate
Crime increasing in the past 3 years 72.41 High
Worries home broken and things stolen 58.33 Moderate
Worries being mugged or robbed 61.67 High
Worries car stolen 51.67 Moderate