Do you put lotion on before tanning mousse?

Do you put lotion on before tanning mousse?

Moisturize Your Skin Before Applying Sunless Tanner But, avoid moisturizing your skin immediately before applying sunless tanner. Doing so can cause your tanning lotion to go on unevenly. Instead, use a moisturizing self tanner to nourish your skin while adding natural-looking color.

Can I put lotion on after self Tanner Mousse?

Don’t forget that your tan wants moisturized skin to cling to. Continue to moisturize regularly in the weeks after you’ve applied your self tanner. In addition to using a body oil after showering, apply a light lotion a few times a day to keep your skin glowing and hydrated.

How do you self tan with Clarins?

Concentrate on dry, rough areas, including elbows, knees, and heels. -Hydrate day and night to achieve a richer, longer-lasting tan. -Apply generously with the flat of your hand, using light sweeping movements, avoiding the eyebrows and hairline. Reapply as desired.

Can you apply tanning mousse with hands?

Just wrap it around your hand (be sure that it’s not too tight) for some fool-proof protection from the tanner and apply to your skin. While it’s not re-usable like the other options, it may be the easiest.

How long after showering should I fake tan?

But after showering, towel off and wait 10 minutes until you’re 100 percent dry. “Your skin has to be completely dry,” Evans tells Allure. “Water left on the skin will cause a big problem as water will erase and dilute the tan resulting into dreaded streaks and patches.”

How long do you leave Clarins self tanner on?

What it is formulated to do: This lightweight and non-oily gel promotes a natural, golden tan for face and body without sun exposure. It’s instantly absorbed, so there’s no need to wait before dressing, with results in just two hours.

Is Clarins Self tan good?

Overall Opinion: Clarins Self Tanning Instant Gel is a very good self tanner. On the positive side, it smells nice and produces some of the best color we’ve witnessed to date. On the negative side, it takes forever to dry and is very expensive compared to most other self tanners.