Is a ClubSport a HSV?

Is a ClubSport a HSV?

The HSV Clubsport or ClubSport is a full size sports sedan that has represented the brand’s highest volume seller since its introduction in 1990. It was based on the mainstream Commodore range and has been the entry-level HSV model except between 1995 and 1998, when that role was filled by the Manta range.

How much is a VS ClubSport worth?

The price range for the HSV Clubsport varies based on the trim level you choose. Starting at $37,200 and going to $81,180 for the latest year the model was manufactured.

Does monaros increase in value?

Answered by CarsGuide The new Monaro is a classic and will eventually turn around and maybe even start increasing in value.

How much horsepower does a Vy ClubSport have?

388 Hp @
HSV Clubsport (VY II) R8 5.7 V8 (388 Hp) 2003, 2004 Specs

General information
Power 388 Hp @ 5800 rpm.
Power per litre 68.5 Hp/l
Torque 510 Nm @ 4800 rpm. 376.16 lb.-ft. @ 4800 rpm.
Maximum engine speed 6000 rpm.

Who owns the last Holden?

Owner Alex Kyriakopoulos worked at Holden for 14 years and was there as the final car was being made. He snapped it up as it reached the dealership and is now ready to pass on the keys. “It really is emotional for all of us that work at Holden, it’s very emotional, it’s our life,” Mr Kyriakopoulos said.