Did danzo cause Uchiha massacre?

Did danzo cause Uchiha massacre?

Danzo backed the Uchiha into a corner by not letting the third Hokage, Hiruzen Sarutobi to let the Uchiha keep their power, instead Danzo pushed them to the outskirts and racially harassed them causing them to have one solution: A Coup deta’t, in other words: Utter destruction & Revolution.

What did danzo do to the Uchiha?

4 Danzo – The Uchiha Genocide Danzo did not even order the attack to the benefit of the Leaf. He collected the eyes of the piling Uchiha corpses, working them into his arm and effectively making himself an immortal ninja.

Why did danzo destroy Uchiha?

With his double-agent status, Itachi believed that he was aiding the cause for peace. Danzo believed that, if left unchecked, the Uchihas would incite another war. Ultimately Danzo played on Itachi’s trauma and naivete to manipulate him into killing the Uchiha clan.

Why did hiruzen let danzo kill the Uchiha?

They had their disagreements, and yes Danzo did act in order to dispose of the Third and have control over the Hidden Leaf, but Hiruzen always believed that all he’s doing was for the best of the village, so he let it slide.

Did Tobirama kill Uchiha?

Tobirama fought against Izuna Uchiha and he was responsible for his death.