How many Russian refineries are there?

How many Russian refineries are there?

The Company’s Refining Unit operates 13 major refineries in the Russian Federation: Komsomolsk refinery, Angarsk petrochemical company, Achinsk refinery, Tuapse refinery, Kuibyshev refinery, Novokuibyshev refinery, Syzran refinery, Saratov refinery, Ryazan Refinery Company, PJSC ANK BashNeft Refinery Complex (Bashneft- …

Where are petroleum refineries located?

List of oil refineries in India

No. Refinery Location
1 Jamnagar Refinery (for exports) Jamnagar (SEZ)
2 Jamnagar Refinery (for domestic market) Jamnagar (DTA)
3 Essar Energy Refinery Vadinar
4 Kochi Refinery Kochi

Where is Russian oil refined?

LUKOIL Group integrates four refineries in Russia (in Perm, Volgograd, Nizhny Novgorod, and Ukhta), along with three refineries in Europe (in Italy, Romania, and Bulgaria), and has a 45% interest in a refinery in the Netherlands. The aggregate capacity of these refineries is 80.4 million tonnes.

Where are most oil refineries located?

The majority of world’s 10 largest refineries are situated in the Asia Pacific region, with India hosting the world’s largest refinery complex, followed by Venezuela and South Korea.

Does Russia have oil refineries?

Refinery sector in Russia Russia has the third largest refinery capacity worldwide, after the United States and China. In compliance with those agreements, producers increased investment in modernization of refineries, which led to the rise of light products’ share in the total refining output and the.

How much does an oil refinery cost?

Haas explained that when calculating the cost to build refineries, the industry’s jargon represents it as a cash amount per barrel of oil. “For many years, refinery cost to build was about US$10,000 to a barrel and then it changed and rose to about US$20,000 and about today it could be up to US$25,000”, he observed.

Is Russia rich in oil?

Russia is the third-largest producer of oil worldwide, accounting for over 12 percent of global crude oil production. Rich in natural resources, the country concentrates its energy production in the West Siberia and Volga-Ural oil and gas provinces. The country’s economy is strongly dependent on its energy exports.

How many oil refineries are in the US 2021?

As of January 1, 2021, there were 129 operable petroleum refineries in the United States.

Where are the oil refineries in Russia located?

As part of the Company’s refinery unit in the Russian Federation, there are 13 large oil refineries located in key regions of the country: Komsomolsky, Tuapsinsky, Kuibyshevsky, Novokuybyshevsky, Syzransky, Achinsksky, Saratovsky refineries, Ryazan Oil Refining Company and Angarsk Petrochemical Company,…

Where is the Mozyr Oil Refinery in Belarus?

The Mozyr Refinery is located in the Gomel region, in the south of the Republic of Belarus. Traditional sales markets for the Refinery are the northern regions of Ukraine, the western regions of Russia, the southern regions of Belorussia, Poland and the Czech Republic.

What’s the share of Rosneft refining in Russia?

Rosneft’s share in refining in Russia is more than 35%. Refining volumes at the Company’s Russian refineries in 2018 exceeded 103 million ton, up 2.8% compared to 2017. Light output and refining depth are 58.1% and 75.1%, respectively, while production of gasoline and diesel fuel in K5 environmental class increased by 2% in 2018.

How many tons of crude oil does Germany refine?

Refining volumes at German refineries in 2018 amounted to 11.5 million tons. Refining of Mozyr Oil Refinery’s crude oil share of Rosneft in 2018 was 2.1 million tons.