What is the easiest way to escape Stalag flucht?

What is the easiest way to escape Stalag flucht?

How To Escape Without The Staff Key

  1. Get some cutting tools, food, a guard outfit, a bed dummy, a fake fence, a poster and chipping tools.
  2. Put some food between the boxes near the jobs building.
  3. Put the bed dummy on your bed during the evening rollcall.
  4. Go to the boxes where you put the food and cut the fence.

How do you cut an electric fence in the escapists?

The fence is a tile that is present on all prisons and can be cut with a File or any form of cutters (Flimsy Cutters, Lightweight Cutters, Sturdy Cutters). You will be sent to solitary if the guards notice you cutting a fence; to avoid this, you can use a Fake Fence in place of the removed one.

How do you escape a roof in the escapists?

Shortened explanation. Get 2 pieces of timber for a Timber Brace. Get 2 Bed Sheets for a Sheet Rope. Once outside, use the Sheet Rope to get down from the roof, cut the fence and dig under the wall and you’re free!

How do you make a pickaxe in escapists 1?

A Flimsy Pickaxe can be used for removing stones or walls. It is a Lightweight Pickaxe but to the lesser extent. It’s made using a crowbar, a tool handle, and duct tape.

Which officers have which keys escapists?

The guards will have certain keys based on their order in the pre-game screen. One (the guard that calls roll) has the Cell Key, Two (the one beside him) has the Utility Key, Three (the last one that follows the prisoners) has the Entrance Key, Four has the Staff Key, and Five has the Work Key.

What does a timber brace do in the escapists?

The Timber Brace is used to support your underground tunnel when it grows larger. If you do not support your tunnel, you cannot dig very far (you are unable to dig if the tunnel has extended too long without a Timber Brace installed). It can be used as a weapon in The Escapists 2.

What time do the snipers leave in the escapists?

Wait for the entrance doors to lock. The 22:00 warning doesn’t mean anything as you won’t be sniped. Wait for 23:00 for the snipers to despawn before you start cutting.

How do you not get caught digging in the escapists?

If you want to dig a tunnel outside, you must do it at night if you don’t want to get shot by the snipers (even if you wear a Guard Outfit). You can cover the hole by using soil (or dirt) on it.

How do you make a file in the escapists?

Obtaining. Can be found in inmates’ desks, on knocked out inmates, or bought.