Is anCnoc a Speyside?

Is anCnoc a Speyside?

AnCnoc Peatheart is one of the most heavily peated whiskies of the Knockdhu distillery….Knockdhu distillery.

Region: Speyside
Capacity 1,700,000 litres per annum
Type Single malt
Age(s) 12 Years 18 Years

Where is the Knockdhu distillery?

The Knockdhu Distillery is situated in the small village of Knock, by Huntly in Aberdeenshire.

Who owns Knockdhu distillery?

Inver House
The name anCnoc was chosen as the current owners, Inver House, deemed Knockdhu too similar to Knockando and relabelled it to avoid confusion. Despite being small, the Knockdhu whisky distillery boasts large onsite storage facilities; its five warehouses have space for 7,600 casks.

What does Knockdhu mean?

black hill
3) The name Knockdhu means ‘black hill’ – while the name of the An Cnoc whisky just means ‘the hill’. 4) The Knockdhu distillery used to produce only unpeated whisky, but these days part of the spirit that is produced at Knockdhu is peated in character – although it is relatively mildly peated (around 20 PPM).

Is AnCnoc 12 chill filtered?

It is usually bottled at 40% volume (80 proof) without chill filtration (but you might also find a 43% volume/86 proof bottle). anCnoc 12 is pale amber with yellow shades on the glass. On the nose, it starts with a blow of citrus, like a summer afternoon near a lemon tree. anCnoc 12 starts with a burst of fruit.

Is Talisker 10 good?

Talisker is a great pour. It is peaty but not a peat monster like some of its brethren (i.e. Ardbeg) and while it is generally the youngest of Talisker’s offerings, it is probably the most representative of what the distillery has to offer. The 10 year is a brilliant balance of smoke, saltiness, and slight sweetness.

How is Bunnahabhain pronounced?

Situated on the north side of the island of Islay near Port Askaig, Bunnahabhain is pronounced bu-na-ha-venn. Bunnahabhain is derived from the Scottish Gaelic Bun na h-Abhainn meaning ‘mouth of the river’.