How much do home inspectors make per inspection?

How much do home inspectors make per inspection?

The average home inspector salary in the U.S. is about $58,000, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics ( You’ll make about $450 bucks per inspection.

How do I advertise my home inspection?

Top 10 Home Inspection Marketing Ideas

  1. Have a Home Inspection Website, and Ensure it’s Mobile Friendly.
  2. Get a Logo.
  3. Set Up a Google My Business Site.
  4. Marketing Your Inspection Business on Social Media.
  5. Business Cards and Flyers for Marketing.
  6. Get Reviews for Your Home Inspection Business.
  7. Work With Local Realtors.

What can a buyer ask for after inspection?

Reasonable requests after a home inspection

  • Major electrical issues that are safety or code issues.
  • Plumbing, drainage, sewer, septic, or water issues (or well water issues, if applicable)
  • Mold or water damage.
  • HVAC problems that affect home comfort.
  • Leaking roofs or missing shingles.
  • Termite and pest damage.

What type of inspectors make the most money?

Inspector salaries can vary on many factors, including what industry a job is in. In fact, jobs with technology, automotive, and manufacturing companies tend to be the highest paying.

How can I improve my home inspection business?

Here are some marketing tips to help you out:

  1. Use social media to promote your business; Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc.
  2. Make a detailed home inspection marketing plan with clear actions and strategies.
  3. Don’t forget face-to-face marketing to turn prospects into clients.

Can a home inspector be a Realtor?

A real estate broker can also be a home inspector. There is no prohibition against working in both industries. Some may consider it a conflict of interest, however, for a real estate broker to also perform the home inspection in the same transaction.

Can you negotiate repairs after home inspection?

You might consider bartering with the seller as a way to negotiate repairs after receiving your home inspection report, you could ask them to leave behind some furniture or appliances that they were planning on taking with them to take into account the added expense for repairs.