What is the tattoo in Haven?

What is the tattoo in Haven?

The Guard
The tattoo is a recurring symbol in the supernatural TV series Haven. It is revealed in “Over My Head” that this tattoo is the sign of a group called “The Guard.” Every person who gets the tattoo is himself (or herself) Troubled. The purpose of the group is to protect the Troubled.

Why did Nathan get the tattoo Haven?

Most of the men in the Glendower family have this tattoo as well. In September of 2011, Duke discovered that Nathan Wuornos had the tattoo on his left forearm after Nathan pulled a gun on him in the hull of the Cape Rouge. The tattoo appeared newly-applied at that time.

What does the troubles mean in Haven?

supernatural afflictions
“The Troubles” is a collective name for the supernatural afflictions that affect certain citizens at critical moments in the life of the town of Haven. Lucy Ripley, a previous incarnation of Audrey, worked with Garland Wuornos and sometimes James Cogan to help resolve the problems caused by The Troubles of 1983.

Do the troubles end in Haven?

The Hunter Meteor Storm pounded the town of Haven and the Troubles did not end. After The Barn was destroyed, the Troubles got worse. It is unknown if the Troubles got worse because of the destruction itself, or if because without hope, the Troubled had less ability to control their Troubles.

Who is the Skinwalker in Haven?

Arla Cogan

Arla Cogan
Season 3
Ability Skinwalker
Occupation Unknown
First Appearance 301 as Roslyn Toomey Reunion in patchwork skin

What is the guard on Haven?

The Guard’s symbol; typically seen as a tattoo but appears throughout the show as a symbol of the Troubled. The Guard is a group in Haven. This group dedicates their lives to saving The Troubled at any costs.

What happens to wade in Haven?

After cutting Jennifer Mason to get her Troubled blood, Wade craved more and attempted to kill her. He was caught off-guard by his brother Duke and was killed by a knife as the two fought.

What’s wrong with Nathan in Haven?

Trouble. Nails in Nathan’s back in Love Machine Idiopathic neuropathy – Due to his Trouble, Nathan can’t feel physical sensations, including pain, at all. He has no feeling of touch, but for some reason can feel Audrey’s touch until season 5 when Audrey lose her immunity to the Troubles.

Who killed Duke in Haven?

Nathan takes Duke by the neck, then covers his mouth and nose to suffocate him. As he dies, Audrey and Nathan tell him that they love him and will remember his bravery and sacrifice.

What happens to Tommy in Haven?

Tommy is apparently killed while trying to escape from Audrey and Nathan when the boat suddenly explodes.

Who killed Roslyn in Haven?

When her interrogation of Parker didn’t get anywhere, Cogan killed Roslyn Toomey, owner of the Altair Bay Inn and wore her skin, pretending to be another victim of the kidnapper. Cogan alternated between interrogating Parker about the Colorado Kid as the kidnapper and commiserating with her as Toomey.

Who killed the Colorado kid in Haven?

However, in “Just Passing Through” (Season 5, Episode 12), it’s revealed that Dave Teagues killed James the first time, and he does not have the tattoo.