What is the best SIM card to buy for Japan?

What is the best SIM card to buy for Japan?

Best Prepaid Sim Card for Visitors in Japan in 2021 (including Quarantine Options)

  • 1 Japanese Prepaid Data Sim Card Options. 1.1 Japan Sim Card – Data + Voice + SMS. 1.2 Japan Sim Card Data only – Short Term Travel.
  • 2 Sim Card Pickup Locations – Tokyo, Osaka, Chubu, Chitose. 2.1 Sakura Mobile Sim Card Pick Up Locations.

How do I activate my Japan Travel SIM?

User information registration

  1. Access the URL below. http://iijm.io/t.ac.
  2. Log in using the phone number and pass code. * These are described on SIM card..
  3. Agree with instructions and privacy policy for the use.
  4. Register user imformation.
  5. Confirm registered information.
  6. Completion.

How do I get a mobile SIM card in Japan?

As mentioned above, you can purchase SIM cards online (see below for more retailers) or at electronics stores (ex: Bic Camera or Yodobashi Camera) that offer a variety of SIM cards and mobile phones. If you choose Docomo, AU or Softbank, there are many branches in Japan so that you can visit them directly.

Can I buy only SIM card in Japan?

You can now buy a data-only SIM card in Japan, either online for pickup on arrival at Narita or Haneda airports or by buying over-the-counter once you’re in Tokyo.

Is it safe to buy SIM card online?

Your data is as safe as your SIM is. Purchasing goods online using your cards is even easier. The code you use to unlock the home screen of your smartphone wouldn’t even be of use either: it is enough to insert your SIM card into another device and receive the messages that were intended for you.

How can I activate my SoftBank SIM?

1. How to Register a new account

  1. Insert Apple SIM card and tap “Settings”
  2. Tap “Cellular Data” → “Set Up Cellular Data”
  3. Check that “Cellular carrier” and “Network status” at Status bar has changed to “ ”
  4. Tap “SoftBank”
  5. Tap “Set up a New Account”

How do I enable my IIJ SIM card?

  1. Step 1: Insert the SIM card into your device.
  2. Step 2: Set the APN settings in your device. For Android. Select [Settings] on main menu.
  3. Step 3: Start the service activation process. Access the URL: http://iijm.io/t.af. Log in using pass code 1 and pass code 2.