How much does an Argo amphibious ATV cost?

How much does an Argo amphibious ATV cost?

2016 Argo 8×8 Amphibious ATV Specifications

On Sale: Now
Price: $25,995
Engine: 0.7L OHV 4-valve V-2/30 hp
Transmission: Continuously variable
Layout: 0-door, 6-passenger, front-engine, 8WD ATV

What is a 6 wheeled ATV called?

The Amphicat is a six-wheel-drive, skid steer amphibious all-terrain vehicle manufactured in the late 1960s through the early 1970s by Mobility Unlimited Inc.

How much is a 6 wheel Argo?

Argo is offering an introductory starting promo price on the Frontier EFI 19hp 6×6 of $9,995*, regular MSRP of $11,595.00 and the 23hp version promo price of $11,195.00 and regular MSRP of $12,595.00*.

Do they still make Max 6×6?

1986 Max II by Recreative Industries. 6×6 6 wheel drive amphibious ATV / UTV. These are still being made with basically no changes in design. They have been in production for 40 years.

Does Argo make good ATVs?

Argo vehicles are built to be well balanced between performance and efficiency. They are quick and fun to operate while still having the power to pull the load you need. The 6×6 and 8×8 models are incredibly sturdy and stable. Having the lowest center of gravity offered, they are stable but light.

Are Argo ATVs any good?

Argo built some pretty bulletproof 4×4 quads, and it’s great to see that they added many models for 2018. They are very capable machines and are priced right to start taking some market share. The Xplorer XRT 1000 LE was our favorite machine, and it would work best for us out in the SoCal desert.

Are Argo ATVS any good?

Does Polaris make a 6×6?

Polaris RANGER 6×6. General Information: Polaris RANGER® 6×6 is the largest capacity and highest traction utility vehicle ever built.

Does Polaris make a 6×6 side by side?

The Polaris Sportsman is the ultimate work ATV. With 1,500 lb towing, a 1,115 lb payload capacity and a 800 lb rear dump box, this 6×6 ATV is built to get stuff done. It will also take you where you want to go regardless of trail conditions or the weather.