What happened choza akimichi?

What happened choza akimichi?

23 Choza Akimichi (Abandoned) While Shikaku and Inoichi had a building collapse in on them in the Fourth Shinobi War, the third member of Shika-Ino-Cho, Choza, survived.

Is choza dead?

In the aftermath, Chōza is apparently killed. A mini-Katsuyu soon latches onto him, allowing Tsunade to monitor him remotely and determine that he is still alive.

Is Choji’s dad an Uzumaki?

He is not an Uzumaki since he lived in the land of snow. He was a secret member of the byakuya gang and he had ice release!

Is Yamato a bad guy?

Yamato is a very discreet, cautious and generally well-prepared person. While he has been good-natured so far, Yamato claims to be a different sort of leader than Kakashi, one who is not above “ruling by the use of terror” when his team misbehaves.

How old is Orochimaru in Boruto?

8 Orochimaru: 54 Orochimaru’s birthday is October 27th, which means he turned 55 a few weeks after the Ninja War. He should have been 57 during Naruto and Hinata’s wedding. During Boruto, Orochimaru is in his late 60sーthe same age as the Third Hokage before his death during Part I.