Is Patron tequila sold in Mexico?

Is Patron tequila sold in Mexico?

Patron is made in Mexico by an American Company for the American market. It is not widely found in Mexico, but if you look hard enough you might find it, but it will not be any bargain. With all the tequila selections there are plenty of bargains in Mexico.

Why is patron so expensive in Mexico?

Not all tequila is 100% agave tequila, but Patrón Tequila is. For Patrón, its high price tag comes down to its traditional, handcrafted, and small batch system. Patrón’s distillery in Jalisco, Mexico corks 80 tequila bottles per minute. The process begins with the agave plant.

Can you stay at Hacienda Patron?

Hacienda Patrón — yes, that Patrón — is so exclusive, you can’t visit without receiving an invitation.

Where is the Patron distillery?

But they did sell, and today at its distillery on the edge of the little town of El Nacimiento in Jalisco, Patron employs 1600 people as our guide Mariana Sanchez explains.

Is it cheaper to buy tequila in Mexico?

My advice is always to look for the local bargains wherever you go in the world. In Mexico that includes good tequila for a good price. For a whole lot of brands, you can expect to pay half what you would in the USA. Sometimes less.

Is patron considered a good tequila in Mexico?

Patron is the “crappy” tequila in Mexico There is so much amazing tequila around in Mexico that the premium brands in American just don’t stack up. A local told me that Patron, the top-shelf and the most rapped about spirit in the U.S., is considered a crappy brand in Mexico.

Is Patron high quality?

While many tequila aficionados discredit it and there are, admittedly, many tequilas that outrank it in quality and flavor, Patrón Silver is the perfect introductory tequila. It is also one of the better tequilas to use if you are drawn to tequila shots.

Can you tour the patron factory?

After some decadent meals and site-seeing in Guadalajara, we traveled east to the highlands, where the agaves are grown and the tequila is made. We spent the better part of an entire day touring the beautiful and palatial distillery & Hacienda, getting to know every step of the production process in intimate detail.

Where is the Don Julio distillery?

Don Julio is a Tequila brand and distillery in the Los Altos highlands of Jalisco in Mexico. It is both highly regarded critically and one of the best-selling Tequila brands in the world – it is the eighth largest by volume in the United States and the 11th in Mexico.

Is patron being discontinued?

Coffee-flavoured tequila shot Cafe Patron has been discontinued – and people are devastated. One of the nation’s favourite spirits has been discontinued, and people are ‘heartbroken’.

What is a good tequila to buy in Mexico?

Best Mexican Tequila: Top 10 Tequila Brands

  • Don Julio 1942 Tequila.
  • Casa Noble Extra Añejo Single Barrel.
  • Fortaleza Blanco.
  • Herradura Ultra Añejo.
  • Roca Patrón Silver.
  • Don Julio Reposado Double Cask.
  • El Jimador Reposado.
  • Gran Centenario Plata.

Where is El Patron restaurant in Puerto Vallarta?

El Patron is our authentic Mexican restaurant, where traditional dishes and a variety of tequilas transport guests to the various regions of Mexico.

What foods do they serve at El Patron?

Guest favorites include traditional options, such as Enchiladas and Mole, and more exotic dishes, such as the Zarandeado Style Fish Fillet and Michoacan style Carnitas that introduce guests to a wealth of new flavors from the diverse regions of Mexico.

Can you use Oculus Rift at Patron Tequila?

Experience 360º inside views of our traditional distillery and process along with the ability to explore our vast agave fields and surrounding landscape. Originally produced for Oculus Rift, the experience is now compatible with Google Cardboard, and can also be viewed on standard mobile, tablet, and desktop devices.

How to watch the virtual Hacienda patron tour?

Insert your Android or iOS device into a Google Cardboard viewer and watch the video by clicking the Cardboard icon within the YouTube app. See how the 360° Hacienda Patrón experience was brought to life.