Is Altran is a good company?

Is Altran is a good company?

Altran is good company. But your career life is designed by the manager what u get. Don’t go there as contract employee.

Is Altran a brand of Capgemini?

Altran is now Capgemini Engineering, a new brand launched by Capgemini to support organizations as the digital and physical worlds converge.

What kind of company is Altran?

Altran Technologies offers engineering consulting services for the creation and development of new products and services. The company focuses on the Aerospace, Defense, Railways, Automotive, Energy, Nuclear, Healthcare, Telecoms and Finance sectors.

Who bought Altran?

French business consultancy firm Capgemini on Monday said it agreed to buy engineering and digital services company Altran for 3.6 billion euros ($4.10 billion) to tap into the fast-growing engineering outsourcing services market.

Is Aricent and Capgemini same?

Aricent to become Altran – Capgemini Engineering India.

Is Altran and Aricent same?

Altran, global leader in engineering and ER&D services, announces that starting today (April 4th, 2019), Aricent will be rebranded to take on the parent company’s name. The move represents a significant milestone in the integration of Aricent, which Altran acquired just over a year ago.

Is Altran a big company?

The firm is active in most engineering domains, particularly electronics and IT technology. In 2018, Altran generated €2.916 billion in revenues and employed over 46,693 people around the world.

Is Altran a MNC?

Altran was acquired by Capgemini in 2019. On April 8, 2021, they have renamed the organization as “Capgemini Engineering”, due to the merger with Capgemini’s Engineering and R&D services….Capgemini Engineering.

Type Subsidiary
Parent Capgemini
Website Capgemini Engineering

Where is Altran’s headquarters in the United States?

All Altran North America Locations. New York (HQ), NY. United States. 1270 6th Ave #910. Austin, TX. United States. 9020 N Capital of Texas Hwy Building #01 Suite. Bellevue, WA. United States.

What kind of Engineering Services does Altran provide?

Altran provides engineering and research and development services. It is engaged in innovation and high-tech engineering consulting. The company serves the aerospace, automotive, defence, energy, finance, life sciences, railway, and telecoms sectors.

What is the market capitalization of Altran Corporation?

The company serves the aerospace, automotive, defence, energy, finance, life sciences, railway, and telecoms sectors. Altran’s revenue was reported to be €3.22 b in FY, 2019 which is a 10.3% increase from the previous period. Altran’s current market capitalization is €2.7 b.

How many employees does Altron have in South Africa?

South African listed Allied Electronics Corporation Limited (Altron), through its principal subsidiaries, Allied Technologies Limited (Altech) and Bytes Technology Group (Pty) Ltd (Bytes), is invested in telecommunications and information technology. The Altron group employs more than 8 500 employees globally.