How do you decorate a dry erase board?

How do you decorate a dry erase board?

Most whiteboards are plain and leave a lot to be desired in the design aspect. To decorate your whiteboard, try framing it with tape or lace, attaching magnets to it, or using a banner to spice it up.

What should I put on my white board?

8 Ways to Use a Whiteboard in Your Home Office

  • Daily task list.
  • Message board.
  • Calendar.
  • Brainstorming.
  • Inspiration area.
  • Contact number list.
  • Presentations.

How do you lay out a whiteboard?

Here’s how to use this whiteboard organization method:

  1. Create columns with specific time frames.
  2. Write down all your tasks/priorities under the correct time frame.
  3. Write due dates beside each of your tasks.
  4. As time goes by, move tasks to the correct time frame.

How do you resurface a whiteboard?

The whiteboard cannot be restored by conventional means. It may be possible to sand out the scratches using a very fine-grit sandpaper, then repaint using white dry-erase board paint; or ;buy a dry-erase “film” sheet that would fit over the existing board.

How can I make a calendar out of poster board?

First trim the calendar pages to the size you want and cut out 13 square piece of poster board. Glue down the photo images and the calendar pieces. Add holes to the top portion of the calendar and use yarn to hold it together.

What do you need to make a calendar?

All you need is a wooden board, clothes pegs, tape, paint, glue, a star and a white marker. The process is quite simple. Just create a symbolic model on the board using tape to guide you. Then apply tape to the clothes pegs and attach them to the board using glue.

What do you use to make a whiteboard calendar?

You could cut strips out of the vinyl with a paper cutter, or use skinny washi tape. Then use alphabet stickers for the rest of it. However, since I have a Silhouette Cameo and use it for all sorts of projects, I opted to use it to design and cut the calendars and letters/words.

Why did I make a birthday board calendar?

I made this Birthday Board for Trevor’s mom as a Christmas gift – Trevor is one of 9 kids, so there’s a lot of them! Instead of doing the whole family’s birthdays, I just did the grandkids and great-grandkids. The way it works is each disk represents a child. The number on the disk is their birthdate.