Where is the pool in Home Alone 2?

Where is the pool in Home Alone 2?

The hotel pool where Kevin loses his swim trunks is not The Plaza pool; it’s actually the pool at the Four Seasons in Chicago. (Home Alone 2 was produced and written by John Hughes, who’s known for his Chicago ties.)

Is the hotel in Home Alone 2 Real?

3. Much of Home Alone 2: Lost In New York was actually shot on location at the Plaza Hotel in a Central Park suite. The owner of the hotel at the time made several demands upon the production in order to sign-off on them using it. One was to write him into the film…

What hotel did they use in Home Alone 2?

the Plaza Hotel
The Home Alone 2 Experience: Recreating Movie Magic at the Plaza Hotel – ABC7 New York.

What famous figure did Kevin Mccallister bump into in the hotel lobby in Home Alone 2 Lost in New York *?

1. Donald Trump cameo. Donald Trump, who owned the hotel from 1988 to 1995, made a brief appearance in the film. Kevin asks him for directions in The Plaza lobby, and the current U.S. President helps him find to his way.

Is Duncans Toy Chest a real store?

1. It’s Based On The Real Life Toy Store, F.A.O Schwarz Which Is Based In New York But, The Set Used Was In Chicago.

How much money did Kevin spend in Home Alone 2?

Plaza Hotel room service. As we learn from his dad’s freakout, Kevin spent $967.43 on room service, which today would be about $1,770. How much ice cream can you eat in one night? Apparently, a lot, especially when your parents can afford to foot the bill.

How much did Kevin Mccallister spend in Home Alone 2?

Why was FAO Schwarz Not in Home Alone 2?

The exterior of Duncan’s Toy Chest is actually the Rookery Building in Chicago, IL and the interior shots were filmed at the Uptown Theater. However, it is said that the massive toy store is based off of the now-closed FAO Schwarz in NYC. So, Kevin didn’t need to take a limo to Duncan’s Toy Chest.

How much is the most expensive room at the Plaza Hotel?

Royal Suite at the Plaza – $40,000/night There’s also a library, a fitness room, and a living room with a grand piano.

Is Mr Duncan died from Home Alone 2?

Death. On November 14, 2002, Bracken died in Glen Ridge, New Jersey, of complications from an undisclosed surgery at the age of 87.