How do I know what brand my trailer axle is?

How do I know what brand my trailer axle is?

First, if the trailer was pre-made by a specific company, you may be able to find this information in either the paperwork or on a placard somewhere on the frame. Sometimes, the axle identity is stamped into the axle itself or into the hub if it was purchased as a complete assembly.

How do I identify my Meritor axle?

Meritor uses either black, red, yellow, green or blue to color-code an automatic slack adjuster’s internal piston actuator piston according to brake type and air chamber size. Meritor uses a mylar tag on the body of the current-design slack adjuster to identify the color of the internal actuator piston.

What are the different types of trailer axles?

Trailer axles are normally divided into two different types: Spring axles and torsion axles. While these two types of axles perform the same basic job, the way they go about suspending and cushioning the trailer load is completely different.

What SAF axles?

The SAF CBX Self-Steering Axle is a pre-engineered system ready for easy OEM installation. The self-steering axle significantly reduces tire-scrubbing, tire wear and improves fuel economy. See available variations and options in the right-hand column.

What is a 4 drop axle?

The Low-Down on Drop Axles Drop axles are similar to standard spring axles, but the spindles at the end of the tube bend up. This puts the hub higher up, generally lowering the axle closer to the ground by 4 inches center-to-center. In the form, select a ‘4” drop’ in the axle configuration section.

How do you identify a differential?

Visual Differential Identification Without an ID tag, differentials are identified by the number of cover bolts, the distinctive shape of the cover, the number of ring gear bolts, and ring gear diameter. They can also be identified by whether the center section is an integral or dropout design.

Are trailer axles straight?

Are all trailer axles straight? Nope. As we explained above, a slight bow in your trailer axle is desired to help deflect the weight of the vertical load over it. This helps keep the wheels in the proper camber to avoid uneven tread wear.

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