What is the meaning of brocaded?

What is the meaning of brocaded?

Brocade is a thick, weighty, fancy material with a raised pattern. Brocade comes from the Italian word brocco, meaning “twisted thread.” Brocade fabric has a rich, ornate slightly old-fashioned feel to it.

Did EMC buy Brocade?

On November 2, 2016, Singapore-based chip maker Broadcom Limited announced it was buying Brocade for about $5.5 billion.

What is Brocade technique?

The brocade weaving technique is also defined as loom embroidery. Brocade patterned fabrics can be made using any fiber, such as cotton ( jamdani) or wool (for shawls), but the term generally refers to the richly patterned fabrics woven in silk, together with decorative gold or silver threads.

What happened Brocade stock?

Brocade’s common stock will now cease to be traded on NASDAQ. Brocade will operate as an indirect subsidiary of Broadcom and will be led by Jack Rondoni as General Manager. We intend to invest in and grow the Brocade business to further enhance its capabilities in mission-critical storage networking.”

What does Pearl brocade mean?

This beautiful Brocade in Silver, Champagne and Pearl has is a medium weight fabric with a subtle sheen. A luxurious fabric that can be accessorised with any of the bridal silk dupion fabrics.

What is taffeta in English?

: a crisp plain-woven lustrous fabric of various fibers used especially for women’s clothing.

Is Brocade owned by Dell?

Calling It: Dell Acquires Brocade.

Why is brocade expensive?

Brocade fabric has been around for centuries. Its high price was determined by two factors: it was made of silk, which is still an expensive fiber, and included gold or silver threads. These days brocade material is much more affordable, partly because it is woven of cheaper fibers like cotton, rayon, viscose, etc.

Is brocade a pattern?

Brocade is a patterned, woven fabric. Unlike embroidered fabrics, the patterns in brocade are woven into the fabric. Brocade has a long history, and it has been used in various cultures.

Who bought out Brocade?

Broadcom Ltd
(Reuters) – Broadcom Ltd said on Friday it closed its acquisition of network gear maker Brocade Communications Systems Inc, giving it a larger share of the data center products market.