How much climbing did Clint Eastwood do in The Eiger Sanction?

How much climbing did Clint Eastwood do in The Eiger Sanction?

Clint Eastwood did all of his own stunts, including the scene where he cuts his safety line over a drop of at least 1,000 feet. The only stunt he did not perform was a 2,500-foot drop, for which a dummy was used. One climber, David Knowles, was killed by a boulder on the second day of shooting.

How many people have died on Mount Eiger?

At least 64 climbers have died on the face since the 1930s when its notoriety was sealed with the deaths of eight men, before the first successful ascent in 1938. This is the tragic yet triumphant story of one of the most dramatic mountaineering ascents of all time.

Did George Kennedy climb the totem pole?

Eric Bjornstad and Ken Wyrick climbed the Totem Pole and prepared the location for Clint Eastwood and George Kennedy to replace them on the 18-foot wide summit. Production of The Eiger Sanction remains the last time that climbers were allowed to scale the Totem Pole.

Is the Eiger hard to climb?

Of the three mountains, the Eiger is the most spectacular, a striking peak from all sides and a worthy climb by any of its many routes, none of which are particularly easy. Classic Route: Fortunately, the Eiger hosts much easier (but not to be underestimated) routes than it’s fearsome North Face.

Why is the north face of a mountain the hardest to climb?

“In the Northern Hemisphere, the north face of a mountain is generally the coldest, iciest and most formidable route to climb. But the north face is characterized by more than just colder temperatures and an increased chance of snow and ice on the surface.

Why is the Eiger so difficult?

When found in reasonable condition, the route’s main difficulties are length and commitment. Although the face is 1800m high, the route is probably over 2500m in length, such is the devious nature of the route finding and the constant horizontal traversing required to negotiate the steep rock sections split by ledges.

Who is the director of the Eiger Sanction?

The Eiger Sanction is a 1975 American action thriller film directed by and starring Clint Eastwood.

Who is Jonathan Hemlock in the Eiger Sanction?

Art professor and mountaineer Jonathan Hemlock (Eastwood) is a retired government assassin called on to return to work for two more “sanctions”, a euphemism for officially approved killings.

Who is the author of the Eiger Obsession?

Harlin III, himself an accomplished climber and author of five books, recently climbed the Eiger by the “original” route. He has written a book about his experience entitled The Eiger Obsession.