Are mini logo decks good?

Are mini logo decks good?

mini logos are quality boards for a great price. I’ve had at least 10 the last year or so and they’re definitely as good as any $60 board. Won a set of C-cut mini wheels and they’re pretty dam sweet!

What are mini logo decks?

Mini-Logo decks are handmade in Santa Barbara, California, from 7-plys of rock hard American maple. The decks are AirLam fused (a special Skate One feature) using waterproof glue, sealed against other moisture, and the bottom is coated with an SST slide treatment to improve the length of your slides.

Are mini logo decks symmetrical?

Mini Logo™ Deck Concaves This is like our K20 with a shorter wheelbase for smaller skaters. Maximum wheel base—12.25 inches. Non-symmetrical nose to tail.

What happens if I get my skateboard wet?

When skateboards get wet, their bearings can lose their lubrication and the bolts can rust. When lubrication fails, the skateboard will slow down, and the bearings will start to weaken from the inside out. The skateboard will not move as fast or as smoothly as you have come to expect.

Does Powell Peralta own mini logo?

Most Powell-Peralta® decks are made in the USA at our own skateboard manufacturing factory in Ventura, CA using U.S. hard rock maple. Mini Logo®, Powell Golden Dragon®, Powell-Peralta® Mini, and most of our Powell-Peralta popsicle decks are made the same way we do in Ventura but with our partner in China.

What is the Mini logo?

The Mini logo, used since 2001, is inspired by earlier logos and features the brand name, written in uppercase letters, placed inside an elegant black circle, which is embedded between the silver wings that symbolize speed and freedom of expression.

Is Mini logo made in China?

Mini Logo has been made in China forever and a day now it seems. PP boards were made in the U.S. up until a few years ago when they started making them thinner/lighter decks. The flight decks are made in U.S.A according to the website.

What ABEC are mini logo bearings?

The Mini Logo Bearings is a set of eight pre lubricated skateboard bearings from Mini Logo. Mini Logo produce high performance price point skateboard hardware including decks, trucks, wheels and grip tape. Features: Abec-5 Bearings.

Which is better bones or Spitfire?

Bones and Spitfire both make wheels in varying hardnesses. Hard wheels slide better, last longer, and roll at faster speeds, but are a rougher ride. Soft wheels give a quieter smoother ride, and can handle rough terrain better, but they are slower, and wear down and flat spot faster than a harder wheel.

What’s the difference between a cut and C cut skateboard wheels?

“The A-Cut wheels have a wider contact patch which means they’ll grip the ground better and wear down a little slower. The C-Cut wheels have a narrower contact patch which means they’ll slide better. If you’re new to skating, you won’t notice the difference if they’re both the same size and hardness.”

How is a mini logo skateboard deck made?

Hand made using only the finest materials, Mini Logo™ is the leader of high performance/price point decks in the Industry. Each deck is fused in Skate One’s special low stress, AirLam™ presses, with water resistant, high strength glue and sealed against moisture with a lacquer semi-gloss finish.

What kind of bearings do mini logo Skateboards use?

Mini Logo™ Bearings are Skate Rated™, precision 608 bearings made to Skate One specifications.

Which is better mini logo or pro skateboard?

“I just purchased a black 8×31 inch, black mini-logo skateboard. I also purchased another well respected pro board (won’t name) and I have to say, the mini-logo is superior so far. I haven’t skated in about 7 years and I just hopped on my mini-logo about two hours ago and popped 3 and 4 foot ollies w…”

Is the mini logo board worth the price?

“mini logos are quality boards for a great price. I’ve had at least 10 the last year or so and they’re definitely as good as any $60 board.”. — Julian. “my ride is sweet i like its shape”.